Fake Escort Girls

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Dear Gentlemen!

This topic was written for you from the pen of an experienced ex-escort girl and pornstar escort, who loves to share her experiences with you. I wrote this article because I met hundreds or even thousands of men around the world because of my escort work, during my escort career and I’ve heard many many stories about fake escort girls, fake photos on websites, and all these stories. I want to give you some help, how to choose your escort girls, how can you be sure that you receive the same girls who are in those pictures, and how can you get quality service. I think this is an important issue, as many men around the world are afraid to have sex or book escorts because they do not trust the Internet anymore. The online world is full of fake profiles everywhere, on social media sites, just think about Facebook, with fake websites, and with fake escort girls as well. I strongly recommend you to read over this article here before you decide to book your escort girl.

Escort girls and fake photos

Well, gentlemen, one of the most awful things is when you book your escort girls and someone else opens the door a few hours later or arrives with the taxi. What can you do? First of all, I believe this is one of the idiot things, as many guests send away such fake girls. But men who are horny enough are going to take even ugly girls just to fuck. You have to be strong enough to send home such fake girls or go away from the address immediately. I know it’s very embarrassing but still better than doing nothing. After this, if it’s possible, report the girls or write negative reviews, which can help to avoid such situations later.

Escort girls and bad service

Another problem can be when the girl looks nice, but you start to feel bad and ashamed of her, because of her attitude. Girls with a bad attitude should not work! Sometimes I had a bad mood as well, but I was correct enough with my clients to cancel them. I would report such girls immediately. As a client, you can write to the escort agency, or call them that you are not satisfied with the girl. Maybe they send you someone else, or you just cancel the girl and the payment, it’s still better than to pay for a bad experience. It’s also good for the escort agency because it helps them to keep only the best girls. You should help other men here as well by writing a review about your bad experience.

Escort girls with incorrect behavior

The worst thing that can happen is, that the girls are totally incorrect, they don’t do what is in the price, so they try to look the clients stupid. Or they try to cheat you with the time. In this case, I would cancel the meeting immediately and would ask back the money before they leave directly from the girl or the agency. Escort girls must learn the rules, or it’s better they don’t work anymore.


Client with foot fetish

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Today I want to speak about one of my clients with a foot fetish. My agency called me that I have someone who wants a foot fetish, and he wants me for 3 hours. I was thinking about this, what can a foot fetishist do with me for 3 hours?! Finally, I accepted, but I told my agency I want extra for this service.

My agency told me he doesn’t want any pedicure, no high heels, no stockings, just to see my feet naked. I accepted the challenge, it was very comfortable for me too. He arrived, and the first thing he looked for was my naked feet, and when he saw it, he was quite happy.

I could see on his face that he liked it very much. For about an hour, he only spoke with me about his wife, who gives him many restrictions, he cannot go out with the boys to drink a beer or something, he has sex with her only once a week or less, and he never told her about the fetish “thing”.

When one hour passed, he told me he wanted to make my pedicure. I accepted. He had red nail polish with him, so he started to color my nails. I saw on his face that he enjoyed each moment of doing this, he was very careful as the pedicure needed to be perfect for a perfect foot job and orgasm. So in about 1 hour, my pedicure was ready. Meanwhile, he was playing with my feet, he was offering me a message, and talking a lot about his life.

Maybe it sounds for someone very strange, but I have to admit, he was very cute. When my pedicure was ready, he asked me to put some high heels on, because he wanted to see them in shoes as well. Challenge accepted again, my feet were gorgeous in sexy red heels. He undressed, while I was asked to make some moves and turn around. He tried to masturbate himself, and he continued making hand jobs for few minutes, while I was playing a photo model, who had to show the public the new collection of clothes. After few minutes, he asked me to masturbate his cock with my feet, so I surrounded his cock with my feet, and I started to move them up and down, slowly, as he wanted. After few moves, he started moaning loader and loader, and I could hear on his breathing that in few seconds he will come on my feet. I accelerated the movements, so like I thought, he cum strong.

After his body stopped shaking, he confessed to me that this was the best foot fetish experience with a professional escort. My biggest satisfaction in life was to satisfy my clients, and I always offered the best I could.


Music teacher lured to a dorm room

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Chloe is a freshman music student at the internationally famous Julliard School of Music in New York City. She came to the big city as a beautiful, innocent girl from upstate New Hampshire. In need of money, she recently started working at an escort agency and has had several erotic adventures including losing her virginity to a client. These stories are told in several installments which you are welcome to read. Today’s story is about her former New Hampshire private music teacher visiting New York. Chloe had a huge crush on him and he had even groped her breast when her attractiveness overwhelmed him during a lesson last year. Even though she was over 18 at the time, he quit since he wanted to remain a faithful family man and could not trust his primal instincts in her presence. Chloe is more daring and urgent in her own sexual desires now and is conspiring to put the teacher’s instincts to the test.

Chloe has a Crush on her Music Teacher.

Chloe was overjoyed to get a message on her Facebook page from Mr. Whitbey her previous private cello teacher in her hometown in New Hampshire. He said he was coming to New York City to be one of five judges of the cello students’ final exam at the Julliard School of Music. He is one of the top cellists in the North East. Chloe has had a crush on him for years. Whenever she thinks of him her heart flutters in her chest and she catches her breath. She remembered fondly, his strong hands being the first to feel and pleasure her budding breasts. Since she got the message, every night she has poured over his pictures on his Facebook, played Ravel’s Bolero on iTunes, imagined his hand touching her body, and then masturbated her soaking pussy until she came with dorm-disturbing screams. She knew he was a devout family man. It was evident from the happy family photos on his Facebook and the fact he quit tutoring her after he touched her sexually even though she was quite willing and 18. Her own recent sexual awakening had happened so suddenly and it had unleashed seemingly uncontrollable urges. Even as she planned on how to get Mr. Whitbey to her dorm room to give him “an offer he could not refuse”, the logical side of her brain knew she was being very, very naughty.

The Music Exam

A large white screen shielded Chloe from the five examiners, including Mr. Whitbey. This is to have as fair as possible a judging of each anonymous student’s playing skills.
On one side of the screen, Chloe was playing her heart out to the famous music of Ravel’s Bolero. It is said that more people have made love to this symphony than any other. She had played this sexy composition for the man who had taken her virginity and given her a mind-blowing orgasm, just a few weeks ago. Her throbbing rhythms and tones were having a stimulating effect on all the judges. Mr. Whitbey was only one of many that we’re shifting in their seats adjusting their stiffening cocks to a more comfortable position. The music was carnally stirring and mesmerizing. He had never heard Ravel played with such mature passion. He gave the anonymous student on the other side of the screen his highest mark of the day.

Off to Clare’s Dorm Room

After the exams were finished, Mr. Whitbey was to meet Chloe at their agreed spot, the front exit doors. They had arranged to go for a light dinner and get caught up on how Chloe was enjoying New York City and Julliard. Chloe was there first with her cello case and could see him walking towards her.
Chloe thought “My goodness, he is even more handsome than I remember.” He was twenty-nine, medium height with light brown hair, thinning a bit. His face was pleasant in a soft musician style, not a ladies man. She thought, ” I love his confident walk and a broad smile. I can’t wait to give him a big hug and kiss.”

Mr. Whitbey looked at her standing there in all her young beauty. He loved her long curly brunette hair that fell below her shoulders. She was dressed in the normal professional lady cellist’s clothing of a high buttoned white blouse and long black skirt down to slightly above the ground. Her breasts were larger than he remembered and they stood out proudly and firm. The conservative clothing could not hide her sensuality. Her smile lit up the hallway when she spotted him.

She squealed in glee and threw her arms around him and pressed her firm body into his a bit longer than necessary.
Mr. Whitbey thought, “Mmmm. Her body feels soo good. I can feel her firm breasts against my chest.”
They separated reluctantly and Chloe exclaimed, “WAIT!. Mr. Whitbey, I learned a new tradition in New York, the air kiss. Let me show you.” She moved her beautiful face to his and their cheeks touched as she gave a little air kiss beside each of his ears.”
His thoughts were filled with the extreme softness of her skin and the aroma of her intoxicating floral perfume. The blood rushed to his face is a full blush when lewd thoughts shot through his brain. He had been afraid of this happening when he agreed to meet her. He had been having sexual fantasies about Chloe for years while fucking his wife.
“Now, Clare, please call me Brad. You are not my student any longer. Let’s drop the formalities.”
But he was happily VERY married to a wonderful wife and two great kids. He knew he had to get things onto safer areas with less touching.

“Why don’t we go for a bite to eat and get caught up. I’d love to hear about your New York adventures.”
Rachel look up at him and said, “O.K. Mr. Mm… I mean Brad. Great idea but first could you help me get my cello back to my dorm. It’s only a block away and I sprained my ankle the other day. Silly me.” She stepped back and lifted her long skirt to reveal a bandaged ankle that showed above her dainty shoe.
“Of course, I will help you. Just show me the way.” He bent over and picked up the heavy case not knowing that this was just Rachel’s ruse on getting him to her very private girl’s dorm room.
Chloe slipped a hand to his arm for support and off they walked. She had a big smile as she happily realized her little ruse was working to perfection. Of course, she remembered to limp a bit for effect. Soon, they were at her dorm door.

The closer they got to the dorm room the more frantic Mr. Whitbey got. He did not know if he could trust himself in the private company of a girl as attractive as Rachel. Once before he had lost it to his great regret.

Chloe unlocked the dorm room door and threw it open and exclaimed, “Could you put the cello over there.” She pointed to the far wall. He hesitated with a look of indecision on his face. “Quick Brad”, she urged, “You are not even supposed to be in the girl’s dorm. I don’t want anyone to see you.” He went into the room. Rachel followed and locked the door quietly behind him.
The room was tiny with a dresser with the large mirror on the right side of a single bed and a small desk and a closet full of clothes on the other. There was a window over the bed that let in the late afternoon sunlight. The colors in the room were soft pinks and greens. There was a sweet girly smell of perfumes and shampoos. The bedspread was covered with beautifully embroidered flowers and butterflies. Photos of family and New Hampshire countryside were on the walls.

Brad put the cello case in the far corner on the right where Chloe had pointed and turned to her.
She smiled and said, “Do you mind waiting a bit. I have to change into something more comfortable and then we can go for dinner and have a great chat.” She saw him blush and then have a look of panic on his face. She continued, “Now, all you have to do is sit here on the bed and keep your head turned modestly away as I get changed.”
He thought, “I don’t know if I can be in the same room as Rachel getting undressed.” He sat on the bed facing away from her with his arms stiff and his hands on his knees looking down at the floor. When he heard the rustle of clothing behind him. He thought he must break the tension.

“How has the weather been in New York.”

Chloe looked over at his back sitting on the bed. Then she looked a bit to the right and could see his complete front profile in the large mirror above the dresser. She thought, “Aha, he was sitting in exactly the place I planned. As soon as he looks up he will see me totally in the mirror. I will give him a slow striptease until he is so horny he can not refuse my desires. ” She waited for him to look up before she opened her first button on her blouse and when he did she immediately looked away. She wanted him to think she was not aware of his gaze.

Brad looked up and drew in a quick breath when he saw the full profile of Chloe as she started to unbutton her blouse from the top. He knew it would be honorable to say something but he has transfixed but the thought of seeing her young, perfect teen body.
“The weather here in New York has been very nice. Not too hot.”
Chloe slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When she got to the final one above the waistband of the skirt she pushed out her chest a bit and slid her shoulders back slightly. This opened the blouse so that Brad could see her light pink bra.
“They say it gets really hot in New York in the summer. But I will be back home during summer break.”
Brad’s eyes were drilled into her every move. He could scarcely breathe as she slowly had unbuttoned her white satin blouse. Now, he could see the cleavage at the top of her bra as her firm breasts were slightly overflowing their constraint.
“How has the weather been back home?”

Rachel pulled the blouse out of the waistband and took it off. She half-turned and took an empty hanger from the closet and turned back and gently placed the blouse on it and hung it up. Knowing that Mr. Whitbey was watching her body made her pussy start to moisten and engorge.

Bard could see the sun streaming through the windows made the fine hairs on Rachel’s alabaster skin light up. His cock hardened and rose awkwardly in his underwear. Rachel’s bra was extremely sheer and he could see the faint outline of her puffy pink areolas and her nipples.
“It’s been a fairly wet spring in New Hampshire. Good for the farmers I guess.”
Rachel reached behind her and undid the clasp of the bra and took it off. She was thinking, “Take a good look at these breasts Mr. Whitbey. These are the ones you felt up over my clothes last year. I wanted you to see and touch them then but you went away. I have been imagining you touching them ever since.” She put the bra on the top shelf of the closet. Her cunt was throbbing now and there was pussy juice gushing between its lips.
“Yes, those farmers are going to do very well this year.”

Brad had never seen breasts as perfect as Rachel’s. They were simply magnificent, round, full, and erect. Now his cock was throbbing and as hard as steel. It hurt in its position so he bent a bit and secretly shifted it upright with his hand to relieve the pain. He had to breathe through his mouth in a light panting way. It was tough to keep his mind on the small talk.
“How have you found the teachers at Julliard.”
Rachel reached behind her to undo her skirt. She could hear Mr. Whitbey give a little gasp but she did not want to make him think she heard him.
“They are not as good as you.” As he gasped, Brad was thinking, “Oh, fuck, she is taking off her skirt! I should say something. I really should.” But his lips could not form the words to stop this wondrous spectacle.
“Brad, I am really sorry to hold you up like this. Are you running late for anything?”
“NO, NO. I’ve got all the time in the world.” He instantly regretted blurting this out so urgently. He thought, “I hope she doesn’t look over here and realize I can see her every move.”
Rachel undid the buttons in the back and slowly dropped them baring her pink silk panties with a cute pink bow with a red flower on the waistband. She longed to run her fingers up and down her sensitive pussy slit. She thought, “My pussy is so wet and I might even cum if this gets any more erotic. I wonder if there is a wet spot at the bottom of the panties that Mr. Whitbey can see. Oh well, I am sure, even if there is, he won’t mind.”
“That’s good. I was hoping that you would not need to catch an early plane or something.”
Brad felt a bead of sweat starting to form on his forehead. He let out a little sigh as he beheld the vision of Chloestanding there with bare tits and pink panties. His eyes drilled into her crotch and the camel toe crease of the silken material caressing her girlie slit. The panties were very sheer and he could see the small patch of soft hair on her pubic mound through the material. There were even a few stray hairs poking out the side where the panties touched her thigh.
“No, my plane goes tomorrow.” He half wondered how long he had taken to respond because it seemed like forever that he was looking at that teen pussy.

Rachel, put a finger under each side of the waistband of her panties and slowly peeled them down to just halfway down her pubic hair, and stopped. Brad held his breath and waited.
“That’s good. It’s not good to just come and go on the same day.”
Brad felt the bead of sweat fall into his right eye and sting. He exhaled and quickly brushed his shirt sleeve over the eye to clear it as Rachel continued and brought her panties down to below her knees and kicked them off. He could see a quick flash of pink from the inner lips of her cunny as she kicked her leg out. He could immediately smell the odor of pussy juice fill the room. The aroma of teen pussy in heat sent a surge of testosterone into the primal regions of his brain. It was everything he could do to not leap up and ravish this girl-woman. He was trying to keep visions of his wife and family in the reasoning part of his brain but they were being pushed under by carnal instincts. She stood with her hands at her sides completely nude. Everything about her body was perfection, her magnificent perfect skin, her firm erect breasts, her flat stomach, her dainty soft small patch of pubic hair that barely covered the camel toe at the edge of her womanhood, and her slim but somewhat womanly hips.

“Yes.” He squeaked out. Rachel was surprised that Mr. Whitbey had not turned and come to her by now but she knew he must be close to the edge. As further urging, she turned around and bent over and took off one sock, then another, and then slowly undid the phony bandage around her ankle as she showed her bare ass and pussy to his full inspection.

Brad was in complete turmoil. He was panting audibly and needed to lick his dry lips. When Rachel turned her ass was perfect, two firm buttocks that were high and proud. When she bent over at the waist the cheeks parted showing a pink gash surrounded by light down-covered pussy lips. Her small light brown asshole was clearly visible. As Chloeunwrapped the bandage with one hand, she put the other on her buttock and this action opened her girlie parts even further. He could see her vagina opening was very tiny, much smaller than his wife’s. “That pussy must be SO tight.” Brad thought, “If only Chloe knew what she was doing to me. My God.” His mouth watered instinctively at the thought of tasting her love juices. But he did not break. He closed his eyes tight, clenched his fists, and repeated to himself, “Think of your wife. Think of your children.” over and over.

Rachel stood up, turned, and looked over at Mr. Whitbey’s face for the first time in the mirror expecting to see him looking back with lust and they would run into each other arms. But no. He was sitting with eyes shut tight. ” Ah well, he needs one more push over the edge.”, she thought and then walked silently but boldly over to his side.

Brad could feel her hand take him and place it on her firm naked buttock. His eyes shot open and there she was standing beside him in all her youthful glory. He tried to say something but she put a finger over his parched lips. She simply took his other hand and placed it on her firm soft breast. This unleashed a pent-up animal groan from his throat as threw both hands around her buttocks and hugged her violently to his face that instantly buried in her wet, hair-covered crotch. The primitive, carnal dam had broken and his logical brain was washed aside. He simply lost it. His only thought was to split this wench’s cunt with his manhood until he came. In the sexually loaded haze of the moment, it dawned on him that this bitch had been teasing him mercilessly for the last hour and she had tricked him to get him into her little fuck-nest. “You fucking evil bitch.” he thought. Brad swung her over her lap and gave her a good slap with his right hand and then another couple as her ass-cheeks began to glow pink. Chloe whimpered and put her hand over her ass to protect it.

The pissed-off Brad roared down at her, “Get your fucking hand away from your ass. You have been cock-teasing me for an hour and this is how we are going to even the score. Then, I am going to fuck your brains out, you little slut.”
Chloe was totally shocked by the turn of events. She was draped over Mr. Whitbey’s legs and her ass was in the air stinging and burning. She thought, “I HAVE been terrible to Mr. Whitbey. He is right. I do deserve this. And if he’s going to fuck me afterward, it will be worth it.” She withdrew her hand leaving her ass unprotected.

Brad said, “Aha, that’s what I like to see, my little bitch.” and he gave her two more loud slaps across her buttocks. “Let’s just check to see if you like this. Open your legs. I want to feel that pussy of yours to see how wet it is ” She slowly opened her legs to give him full access to whatever he wanted to touch. He looked down at the perfect body of the music student below him. Her reddened ass cheeks were slightly parted and with her knees wide, he could see fully down into her nether region. The sides of her upper thighs were covered with vaginal fluids. He said with derision “Your pussy was getting real wet when you were doing your little striptease I see. You really are a horny slut.” He dropped his hand far down between the open legs and reached and stretched open his hand over her pube-covered mound below her stomach. He scratched his fingernails through her soft pubic hair. As he did this, he could feel her wet, hot pussy against the inside of his arm. He rubbed his hand roughly over her mound and then pulled his full palm over the length of her cunt with his middle finger sliding along the wet slit from the camel toe notch at the front, over her engorged hard button of a clit, down over her vagina opening right down to her little pink-brown ass-hole. Chloe moaned in pure pleasure and rotated her hips in acceptance. He felt a bit of tenderness well up and he wanted to stay angry so he gave her a couple of more good whacks in the ass, this time harder. He yelled down at her, “So you want me to fuck you?” She said nothing. He gave her another couple of slaps on her now very red ass. “Tell, me. Do you want me to fuck you?”
Chloe was overcome with emotion. She shouted. “Yes, Mr. Whitbey, please fuck me. I have been dreaming about that for so long.

I’m sorry I teased you. Please forgive me.”

With this, Brad lifted Chloe and threw her on the bed. He stood up and started hurriedly unbuttoning his shirt. Chloescurried over and started frantically undoing his belt and pants. Once his shirt was off he pushed her hands aside and threw off his pants, underwear, and socks in a flash. His total mindset was to get his steel-hard manhood into that tiny wet love canal. He pushed her down on her back, got on his knees between her legs, and quickly surveyed his prize.
Chloe looked up at him. He was staring hungrily at her girlie parts as a man possessed. She had expected some soft loving and foreplay from her cultured artsy man. She had wanted to suck his cock and show him the wonderful things she had learned. But she now knew she had teased him too far and brought out the sexual beast in him. She was a bit ashamed to realize the spanking had given her pleasure. That didn’t seem right. Why did her body keep betraying her? Her carnal instincts seem to have a mind of their own. She reached her arms and hands up to him as a total sign of welcome to fuck her any way he wanted. She was his instrument to play hard or soft.

Brad did not even see her hands offering herself up. He was too busy looking at the fine teen pussy he was going to split with his steel-hard cock. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He lifted her legs into the air roughly, put his upper arms under her calves, and his hands down to the bed. She was in a squatting position but with her pussy facing the ceiling and her shoulders pinned to the bed. This left her crotch wide open, cunt lips stretched wide and the sheath that was normally around Clare’s sensitive clitoris button fully pulled back exposing it. Brad ran the head of his cock up and down the soaking wet pussy to get his weapon wet for his plunge into the tiny entrance to Clare’s vagina. She moaned in pleasure and anticipation. He was selfishly more interested in not hurting the sensitive skin of his own cock head when he reamed her love hole. He was still very angry and extremely horny. He dipped the wet tip of his erect weapon to the entrance of her love canal and pushed. It was so tight that it resisted his entry. It was making him crazy that he could not get his cock into her so he got up from his knees onto his toes for better leverage until finally the entrance gave way suddenly and he plunged balls deep into her hot teen pussy. The slap of his balls against Clare’s ass rang across the room. Rather than calm him, the sensation of his dick in her just drove him into a fucking frenzy. He slammed over and over into her hot womanhood. He just lost it for what seemed like forever. He vaguely remembered biting her tits and nipples and sucking on her neck and biting her ears as he pounded her pussy with his cock again and again. He came with a roar that must have echoed down the dorm halls.

Finally, his logical brain gradually returned. He was still screwing her slowly with their hips locked and cum dripping out of her pussy on every backstroke. He had propped his body above her’s with a hand on each side of her head looking down into her sweet face. He was Nice Guy Caring Brad again and had a quick panicky notion that he had hurt her during his blind passion. He could see fresh bite marks on her breasts and a hickey on her neck. His fear was quickly dispelled when Chloe started tenderly kissing his wrist and arm beside her head and muttering “Thank you” over and over. Brad thought, “My word, she is totally loving this rough fucking. Sweet revelation.” He finally stopped his thrusting and slowly eased himself down onto her naked soft body and fell soundly asleep in an instant.

Chloe lay under him in pure ecstasy as he slept. She loved the feel of his weight on her as the warm cum leaked from her satisfied cunny down the crack of her ass and dripped onto the bedspread her mother had given her. She had had multiple orgasms during the fucking frenzy. It was the best. She knew he would never be hers. He was too honorable to leave his family but at least she could remember this wonderful day forever. When he wakes, she planned to suck his wonderful penis and lick his hairy balls so he will never forget this day forever too.

Lonely Housewife Bonked

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Lonely Housewife Bonked by a handyman

This story is based on some true events.
Names changed and all.

My name is Tony Hoopers.
I run a home repair business. I can fix most home appliances or outsource from other contractors. I operate in fairly affluent suburbs. I am 21, single, tall and slim, and have sandy blonde hair. I am baby-faced and most people think I am 16. I’m an easy-going person to most women and I have no problem getting girlfriends, sometimes too many.

I received a call from a woman about her kitchen lights. She wanted to swap some lights around. Little did I know she wanted to hook up with me and never mind the lights. I knocked and she opened the door. She was about 5’6”, had long shiny black pinned up hair, and dressed casually, a low-cut pink sweater and black slacks. She had a slim hot figure and a beautiful face and skin. She looked filth rich. Her big house had fancy expensive furniture and manicured garden. I noticed some nice big boobs under her sweater.

Lonely housewife and handyman

She realized that I am checking her. I quickly introduced myself and gave her my business card. I said: “A…. Mrs. Jones called about some kitchen lightning to be moved?” She looked at me and smiled, then replied…”Oh, Well…come on in.”

The ‘Jones’ family was one of the richest in town. I made a mental note of the name ’Jones’ before I got there. The moment I saw her, I knew who she was. Her last name was now Salmon, another wealthy family, but she was the mystery girl, Annie Jones. Gossip mill had it she was the lusty girl in the family, with a fetish for young boys. I discovered later that her family paid her to stay out of trouble, to keep the family reputation clean. She always had a bodyguard who kept any naughty young males away. At 30, she moved away from the family residence. It was just 3 days after her 30th birthday.

Well…this was going to be an interesting adventure. She grabbed my arm and walked with me to the kitchen and made me a cup of coffee. She got straight into my face whispered: “Sugar?” I was getting nervous. I decided to play along. I then half-whispered back and said: “Oh my…. yes…sugar would be so great, I love the feeling of hot coffee, to warm me up.” She just smiled. Oh…. she was up for this hot dirty talk game. I kept playing along. I could see that she’s up to something. She then grabbed my arm again and we went and sit by the living room couch.

I felt like a slave in a mistress’ dungeon.
I sat on the center of the couch, and she sat on the right, lying on the huge pillow. She put her feet on my lap and smiled at me. She sat on a way that I could see her big tits inside the sweater. She stirred at me like…(‘ok Mr. Hooper, do your thing’.)
I smiled at her…and took off her shoes.

I started rubbing her feet softly. Whoa!…she wasn’t expecting that! She started breathing so fast and meditating on it. She tried to be calm and kept smiling at me, but just for a little while.

We didn’t say much as I started to go up her legs touching. She blinked a bit and then closed her eyes. I went inside her pants. She just smiled. I reached her thighs, getting closer to her pussy. She was now moaning hard.

The Fun Part

I said: “Well, I have to go as I have another lady’s house to fix”. Her eyes opened and she said whilst holding my hand, “You’re not going anywhere Mr. Hoopers, you haven’t sorted my little problem yet.” I said, “Oh?, isn’t that your lights are turned on’…., Mrs. Jones?” She smiled big and she whispered: “..don’t get cute Mr. Hoopers, now come closer.” She pulled me up on top of her and put my hands right on her big tits. Oh man, they felt good!…whew! She started kissing like how Juliet might have kissed Romeo. Her beautiful lips, all wet and soft, and her tongue dancing in my mouth. My dick was growing right on her pussy.

Annie thought

She held my head and told me about her little “Private lady’s club: and how there were ladies. All bored and lonely housewives whose husbands married them by contract, or just were never home for several months, doing their big business away from home. The secret ‘Lady’s Club’ was them, and Annie basically was a glorified “Pimp” finding discrete young men for them. They would pay big for anyone who services them. I thought she was testing me out.

I had a lot to think about.
A $1000 to $5000 dollars per session is not bad! They were young married women in their mid-20s-30s.
Nothing much to think.
We slowly undressed right there on the couch. She had one beautiful body. I kissed her face, neck and kept going lower. She squirmed and moaned. I sucked her wonderful tits and rolled them with my fingers, she’d never had that done to her before, and she had her first nipple cum.

She was enjoying it. I knelt down, kissing all the way. She held me tight. I licked her pussy hair and my tongue found her clit. She jumped and screamed. She was almost crying with sexual pleasure. I licked her pussy, as she has never experienced it before. She became a wild woman. She moaned and pulled my hair, slammed her legs around me, pushed her pussy into me, and squirmed, shook, and moaned loud! Her whole body trembled with orgasm and wouldn’t stop. She reached her climax as I shot a super hot dick in her tight pussy.

She lay there exhausted and shaking. She moaned to me that she had never had such good sex in her whole life. This was her proper full sex.

to be continued…

Escort Work after my porn Cast

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My name is Sasha and what I’m about to share with you is a story of one of my recent porn movie shoots… I live in Los Angeles. But lately, I’ve been getting offers from Paris movie production companies. It’s easy money. Just last week I scooped up $5k for a two-day shoot here in the states. In Paris, I get twice that much! It’s a no-brainer to jet off to France for a week and get my bling.

Escort work after porn cast

I flew out on a Tuesday night. I like to depart out of LAX and then land at Charles de Gaulle. It’s easy to pop a few Valium with a glass of chardonnay and zonk out for most of the flight. Armand, one of the production assistants, was waiting for me at the airport after I went through customs. Sweet guy and really cute. Next, we drove to the set. After a quick shower and a really strong cup of French coffee (yum-thank you Armand), I met my co-star Vince. Usually, the director wants us to sit and chat for a while before our scene begins. It helps us get cozy and a sense of what gets us off.

The scene was typical. Vince comes into an office where I’m playing the receptionist. He’s livid and demands his last paycheck after getting fired. After the boss scoots out through a backdoor, Vince takes his payment in the form of me. He tears off my blouse and then we move into the fun. I like sucking cock. But in this scene, I was supposed to let him fuck my mouth. The scene finishes with Vince banging me from behind. Normally guys cum way too fast. But when we shoot porn, there are all kinds of pills they give the guys so they can last forever. So after like twenty minutes of sweaty fucking, we both came. It was some of the easiest porn money I’ve made in a while.

After the shoot, Armand drove me to the hotel. I love staying at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. It’s expensive (like $1200 a night) but I don’t pay. All my expenses are covered by the movie. After a shoot, I need to kick back and relax so I invited Armand to stay and have a few drinks. Armand started telling me about his family. He’s lived in Paris all his life and is studying video production at the University of Paris. I must admit, he was looking very sexy the more I drank. It was obvious to me he was loving my big tits.

“Sasha, I have a question for you,” he slurred after his third glass of wine. “Would you have dinner with me tonight? I’ll pay you $500…”

Oh-oh, I thought. Dating production people is a big, fat no-no. It usually turns out bad and the director always finds out. But Armand was very sweet. I felt sorry for him and really wanted to find out if he had a taste for…you know. I love it when a guy goes down on me. At first, I wanted to say no. Then I started thinking…hmmm.

Sasha – Pornstar Escort

First time with a lover

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First time with a lover, I called her number and she said come to room 269 and the door will be unlocked. Enter and close the door. Do not say a word go into the bathroom and close the door. There will be a note instructing you what to do next. Now, this puzzled me and thrilled me at the same time. I found my way up the stairs to the room. Sure enough, the door was unlocked. I entered and all the lights were out and I locked the door and just stood there with my back to the door, wondering as to whether or not this was a set-up. The perfume that wafted over the room was sensual and sexy. Ravel’s Bolero was playing softly in the background. I could not see anyone.

I decided in for a dollar in for a fun time. Nervously I entered the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the light. I found the note and it said, do not talk or ask questions there will be plenty of time. Take off your clothes and get into the shower and clean yourself up. When done there is toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash on the counter. Use them! When you are dry, put on the robe I have laid out for you, turn off the light, then open the door and go back to the entry door and put your hands against the door, spread your legs a little, and hold still. DO not move, do not speak.

First time with a lover

Nervously, I got done with the shower was hard as a rock thinking of what may be coming and hoping it would be fun and exciting. I quickly showered off, brushed my teeth, and used the mouthwash.

Nervously, I turned out the light, took a deep breath, and opened the door. The room was dark. The music had changed and was replaced with another that I believe was Tchaikovsky, but could not name it as I was concentrating to not fall and make a fool of myself more than I was already feeling and hoping this was not again a set-up. With trepidation, I turned towards the door stood about 18″ away, and placed my hands against the door.

At first, I heard nothing but the music, and then I heard faint footsteps coming up behind me. Her perfume was subtle and announced she was behind me. A hand came up and bushed the side of my face and said shhh! Do not talk, just listen, feel, and enjoy. Soon both her hands were caressing my head and my neck. She slipped her arms around me and pulled me into her. I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. They were not large, but not small either. I could not tell if she was dressed or not. She continued to rub my arms, chest, and head and then slowly lowered her hands and undid the sash of my robe pulling it fully open. I made like to remove it, and she stopped my movements with her arms. I kept my hands on the door and could hear people walking up and down the hallway, but that was a blur of sound as my heart was racing with the idea of what may happen next.

Soon she resumed her exploration of my body, it seemed like it was hours before she moved down from my chest to my stomach and along my legs. My dick was dancing with anticipation and I thought I would bust loose and splatter the door if she touched me. Her hands continued to explore me; they traveled down my legs and then back up again. She reached under the robe and ran her hands down the back of my legs then over my buttocks, which she caressed, gripped, and stroked. She then went up to my back to my shoulders and down again in a sensual massage lightly scraping her fingernails against my back and buttocks. This sent shivers up my back and through my whole body. She put her left leg against my ankle from the inside and pushed me to move my legs farther apart, I did so and she repeated it on the other leg. Soon, I was leaning against the door with my legs about 3′ apart, my robe wide open and still the room was dark.

Now I haven’t seen the lady, and it could have been any lady and not the one I had seen the picture of, but at this point, I did not give a damn. By now I was so excited that I didn’t care if she was 20 or 60. I then felt her hands slide off of my hips and buttocks and felt her hairbrush my leg. The robe was pushed back and I felt her coming up underneath me. Suddenly, my dick was grabbed and sucked into the warmest mouth. The sensation almost made me blow right there, but she grabbed my balls and squeezed them stopping that thought almost immediately. She gripped them hard and stopped the urge to let loose. I sucked my breath in and let out a whoosh of air and a “God Damn”. I was not expecting that. She quickly let go of me but continued to suck on me as she came upon her knees in front of me. I still could not see her, but again I did not care as the sensation she was doing to my dick was unbelievable.

She then moved her hands up and caressed my stomach and chest and then along my back and gripped my buttocks again. She then started sucking on me like there was no tomorrow and I quickly was coming to the boiling point. She slipped one hand down around my balls and lightly caressed them as she continued to suck on me with both slow and fast motions. Pretty soon, I was ready to blast off, I told her I was coming and to watch out, she did not miss a stroke and actually went faster. I was panting like a racehorse by now! Really quick, I said here it comes and she just held me in her mouth and took it all. She quickly licked and sucked me clean.

She let me go and I collapsed against the doorway. She chuckled as she crawled up from under me and just held me from behind and said glad you could cum to me as that was just the beginning of tonight!

She reached up and grabbed my robe and pulled me towards her and planted a huge kiss on me that almost left my knees shaking if that was possible after the 1st few minutes. And to think she was going to be with me until morning. Would I be alive in the AM if this was the 1st course?

Meeting an escort

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After my fantastic meeting with Holly, I decided that 30-minute meetings were the way to go. I can still have lots of fun and cum a couple of times as well as being more affordable so I can see more people.

I logged to the Escort site I use and look for any new profiles I like the look of. I spotted one new profile that was set up the day before that had no reviews but a few pictures and information on the lady. Kerra Rock Chick was her name. Thirty-six years old, 5″ 8 inches tall, athletic build, short black hair, piercings, and tattoos. Tight wet pussy, central location, and easy to get along with. The sex your girlfriend won’t have.

This sounded exactly what I wanted so I sent off a message asking when she was available and I was looking to cum a couple of times in a 30-minute meeting.

Meeting an escort

Kerra replied within 5 minutes of my message saying she was available now. I was a bit nervous as it was such a new profile with no reviews, but she sounded great so I replied saying I could be with her in 30 minutes and does she have a shower I could use it? She replied saying of course and sent me the address. I replied saying I’ll see you soon and went to get ready.

I quickly trimmed my balls so they were nice and smooth, grabbed some water, jumped in the car, set the sat nav, and set off. When I arrived I sent a text and Kerra replied with the flat number and the code for the buzzer.

Man, my heart was pounding more than my previous meets as the profile was brand new and there were no reviews so I guess anything could be waiting for me. I got to the door and it opened even before I knocked it. I walked in, Kerra closed the door behind me and gave me a lovely deep kiss. She looked amazing in a matching underwear set. I think she sensed my nerves as she offered me a quick coffee so we could chat. This really put my nerves at ease and we chatted about music as it turned out we had similar tastes.

Kerra offered me a shower which I accepted so I was nice and fresh. She showed me where the bedroom was once I was done. When I came out of the shower and entered the bedroom I was pleased to see that Kerra was on the bed and already naked. She looked even better with nothing on and this really got the blood pumping. She beckoned me over so I lay down beside her and we chatted for a couple of minutes.

Kerra started rubbing her hands up and down my leg under my towel. I was super hard even before she was anywhere near my cock. My hard-on was straining against the towel and it looked like I was pitching a tent. Kerra commented on this and said “Let’s lose the towel” so the towel was flung onto the floor. Kerra was pleased with how happy I was to see her. “You look like your ready for some fun” she whispered into my ear which was really horny.

Keera was now rubbing my balls slowly and gently wanking me telling me how she loves her nipple piercings played with. I had never been with anyone that had nipple piercings before. She had nice small pert breasts, slightly more than a handful and boy were they responsive. After a few seconds of gentle rubbing and caressing her nipples were rock hard.

Kerra came up for a nice passionate kiss, she then presented her breasts at my mouth for me to have a suck and nibble. I really enjoyed playing with her and the piercings were fun. Kerra was enjoying it as well and told me “I’m soaking and horny now” With that, she flipped back down towards my cock but positioned herself so that I could play with her pussy.

Kerra started kissing all around my groin, teasing my shaft with her tongue making it twitch, gently kissing my balls. Her pussy was beautiful, nice, and neat, I could see her wetness so slowly started to rub up and down the outer lips. Pushing a bit harder at her clit to lovely moans of pleasure. Kerra started sucking on my balls and using her tongue on them which felt amazing, kissing and licking up and down my shaft, finally stopping at the head and taking it slowly into her hot, wet mouth. She was really working the first few inches of my cock with a powerful sucking action, back and forth and round and round and this alongside her softly playing with my balls was getting too much. After a few minutes, I told Kerra that I was going to cum soon. She stopped and told me to get up on my knees and that she wanted me to cum on her face and tits.

Boy that made me horny so I jumped up and Kerra slipped her legs in-between mine so just her top half was visible to me and started sucking my cock again. I was moaning in ecstasy as her technique was so good, she started rubbing my cock in between her breasts and all over her pierced nipples, back into her mouth for a more frenzied suck.

I said I was going to cum and Kerra took my cock out of her mouth and aimed at her tits and wanked me until I sprayed a massive jet of cum all over her breasts. She then moved aim over her face and I sprayed another jet all over her cheeks and nose, she then opened her mouth and moved my cock towards it while massaging my balls at the same time and wanking me until she drained me into her mouth swallowing the lot. She gently sucked me for a few minutes after I came which felt amazing.

Kerra asked me to get the wipes that were on the bedside table while she cleaned herself up. We chatted for a few minutes whilst cuddled in together and I was pleased with how easy she was to get along with. I wanted to taste her and really have a good play with her very pretty pussy so I started teasing her gently and she started caressing my balls. I moved down her giving nice soft kisses on the way, her breathing became heavy as I very softly teased the outside of her pussy and clit with my tongue. I put a finger in and was very surprised at how tight she was. I worked her clit with my tongue and slowly entered another finger and built up a nice rhythm that Kerra was enjoying.

I kept this up until Kerra said she had come and wanted to return the favor. I stood at the end of the bed and she got to work on my semi-hard cock. Within seconds of entering her mouth, I was hard as a rock. I had a breast in each hand while Kerra gave me a soft, slow, and sensual blowjob. After a few more minutes of this pleasure, Kerra looked at my cock and told me “I want on that right now, lie on the bed” That made me super horny so I jumped onto the bed and lay down for her.

Kerra pulled out a condom and put it on seamlessly with her mouth. She hopped on top of me and aimed my throbbing cock at her hot wet pussy. She teased me in slowly, moving up and down every inch of my hard-on. My god, she was super tight and so warm I didn’t think I was going to be lasting too long. Once Kerra had all of me in she started to grind against me and leaned in for a deep slow kiss. Whilst kissing each other she slowly started to ride up and down my shaft. I could have let her do that until I came it felt so good but that would only be a couple more minutes so I suggested we changed positions.

Kerra flipped over onto all fours, who was I to argue about doggy style so I pushed into her balls deep, I left my cock there for a few minutes and played with her breasts and her clit which she really seemed to love. I also did this to stop myself from cumming as soon as we started fucking again. After a few minutes of playing, we started to really fuck. I was pounding her from behind while she was pushing into me from the front, after a couple of minutes I wanted to go on top. Kerra jumped off my cock and lay on her back legs akimbo.

I rubbed my cock over her pussy a few times while Kerra played with her clit. I teased in and out of her slowly while she worked her clit as well. I loved the feeling of her heat and tightness slowly enveloping my cock. I do this for a while then started to fuck her fast. Kerra put her legs up on my shoulders so I grabbed on and we were going at it like rabbits.

I said I was going to cum shortly and Kerra suggested that I cum in her mouth again. Absolutely was my response so I pulled out and whipped off the condom. Kerra came over and started to suck my cock deep and hard, gently squeezing my balls as she did so. She took my cock out her mouth and looked right at me told me to “Cum all over me” whilst wanking me fast. I announced I was going to cum and shot a massive string of cum right up to one side of her face. Kerra then put me back into her mouth and sucked me dry again. Each gentle squeeze of my balls seemed to fire another jet of cum into her mouth. Again she swallowed the lot.

After a quick clean-up, we chatted for a bit before I had a quick shower. We kissed after I was dressed and I started to wish I had booked for an hour as my cock was beginning to harden as we kissed. Kerra said that she can’t wait for next time and I said neither can I and maybe an hour of fun next time.

I would see Kerra several more times but not before sampling some of what others offered.

Adventure With a Couple

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We have to learn how to pass throughout interesting happenings, so this is why I would like to present you my story with a couple. I remember clearly that it was a Sunday afternoon when my agency called me and asked me if I accept a meeting with a couple. Of course, till then, no one asked me for this kind of service. I was very excited. I have to mention it was an outcall meeting, I arrived at 9 pm and when I entered the house, surprise: everything was like in movies, everything was white combined with pink, I felt like I entered into a Barbie’s house.

Adventure with a couple

Outcall for a couple

A very attractive young man (around 30 years old) opened the door and invited me in. He asked me if I want to drink something with him till her fiancé got ready. I accepted, anyway they booked me for 3 hours, so I thought we will talk a lot. When he put me whiskey to drink, he gave me the money, I got some extra money too, but I didn’t ask why. He told me this is my gift why I accepted to meet them. Also, he told me, if they like me, they want to invite me each week, because he and her fiancé adore threesome games.

Sex with the couple

I’ve heard a female voice screaming she is ready and we can go. He invited me into the basement. I was a little bit scared, but when I saw what is there, I calmed down. A hot blonde was waiting for us in the huge Jacuzzi. I saw her in the light of candles, everything was just perfect. Champagne was prepared and we were ready to have fun. They invited me to the Jacuzzi, where we started drinking and talking. The blonde girl was looking at me, and I knew: she wants me so much. We started kissing, cuddling and she told me after 10 minutes of playing: I want to lick your pussy. I let her do whatever she wanted with me, I was supposed to offer them my services, but they wanted to satisfy me. The guy started to kiss my body while she was licking my pussy, I felt like in heaven. They adored my curves. After I had one of the best orgasms of my life, I started to lick her pussy and after to give him a blowjob. I saw in their eyes they were satisfied with my services. An escort girl has to keep her distance from clients, but in this case, everything was just cool, like we have known each other for a long time.

My luck is that I have the ability to find out each person’s wishes, each escort girl has to learn how to focus on clients, because clients are different, with different thoughts and wishes, but being a good escort, you have to learn how to satisfy different types of clients. In the case of couples, they will tell you for sure what they want from you, so believe me, you will have an easier job with a couple than with a simple client, so don’t be scared.

Jennifer – Pornstar Escort

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

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Nowadays, when men are working so much and they don’t have time for a serious relationship, they use escort services. The popularity of escort girls increased because of the presence of single males and because of guys who are in relationships but want more sexual experience. This is the reason why men all around the world are asking for girlfriend experience (GFE), as a service of escort girls.

Girlfriend Experience

What is Girlfriend Experience?

Now let me explain what is GFE: this is a type of service provided by an escort girl, which includes the role of the escort to act like the client’s girlfriend. Now you are wondering, what does that mean? Like in each relationship, French kissing, hugging, talking, walking together, making love, and also having dinner are essentials. There are a lot of clients who are asking for this kind of “service” from an escort, because they don’t want just sex from the girl, but they want a more personal interaction from each side. This kind of service cannot be generalized, because this depends on the person, each man is acting in different ways.

Escort girls have to learn how to handle this kind of situation, they have to be prepared for role play, to be the client’s girlfriends, to kiss him (most of the time clients ask kissing with tongue), cuddling, foreplay, and things like this. Not all the escorts accept girlfriend experience, because there are girls who don’t provide French kissing at all. Practicing GFE will increase each escort’s business because in this way they will get a lot of good reviews and new clients, aspiring for a girlfriend experience will come.

At most of the escort directories, you can advertise your services, and there you can select also GFE. Unfortunately, many girls advertise their business is not a fair way, because they put services on the list that they don’t provide at all. If you put on your list GFE, you must realize you should offer DFK (deep French kissing), blowjob with or without condom, cunnilingus, and affection to your client. Are you capable to offer all these services to your client? If the answer is yes, advertise your GFE, but if no, don’t advertise as a GFE girl, because you will get some bad reviews.

Also if you feel uncomfortable because of some of the services mentioned above, you can put a higher price for GFE or you can with the same price and ask extra for some services. Always you have to mention to your client about your services included in the price and about your extras because, in this way, you won’t have problems at the meeting when your client will ask for something you never provided.

Providing GFE you should go with your clients to dinner dates, to the cinema or to different places he invites you. Most of the businessmen hire escort girls for companions because they are beautiful and they can be proud because of their “girlfriends”. In this kind of situation, escort girls are a point of attraction and distraction of attention, because few statistics said that with the presence of a beautiful woman, everyone can increase his business.

Providing GFE is beneficial for everyone, for the escort because she gets more money and for customers because they can receive the attention he aspires for.

Tips for Escorts

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This will be a short and fast lesson that can help beginners, new escorts to avoid some mistakes that many escort girls do or did at the beginning of their escort career. First of all, I will talk about some facts about our marketing, some important points about reviews and clients, and at the end about some important financial stuff that only a very small percentage of the escorts keep in mind. Be serious about your escort career and you can change your life for the better, be one of the ordinary escorts and you won’t change anything just live from day by day and get older.

Tips for escorts

Escorts and marketing

A very important lesson that escort girls have to keep in mind is to be ready for the marketing. We need marketing such as supermarkets or other shops and entrepreneurs. We need to sell ourselves. Escort girls think many times that it’s enough to be pretty and the work will come, no way. There are many escorts out there, it’s a competitive field and the clients must be convinced to choose you. Because most of the time your clients won’t see you in reality, just your pictures on a website, professional photos are the first step. Do not spare on this, this is more important than to make new boobs or any plastic surgery, or to buy clothes or whatever. It’s a business of appearance, so you must have the best photos possible to earn money and to get clients.

Escorts and satisfied clients

The second most important thing I want to talk about is to satisfy clients. For escorts, it’s important to give a good service or you won’t be able to build your client base. Even on those days, when you are sad or don’t feel the best, you have to be a good actress and be nice to your client. They pay you, so they want to have a great experience with a nice girl on their side. It’s also important for your escort agency to work together with girls who are willing to satisfy customers, as bad quality service is something that can harm the escort agency as well. When you are on a hotel tour in another city, many times you have to get good reviews to have more clients. So you want to satisfy your first clients and ask them to write a positive review if they had a good time with you. It’s crucial to have positive feedback about your work.

Escorts and financial habits

Many escort girls live day by day without thinking of the future. I know only a few of them who could buy a house, car and opened a business as a future income stream. Most of the girls spend their money on parties, clothes, holidays, and unfortunately on drugs. Be one of the smart ones, who are willing to take care of themselves. Time won’t stop and once you have to finish to be one of the escorts. Be smart and think about your future!

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