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So I had to stop the blowjob before he cum, and I’m pretty sure none of these Dubai GFE escorts gave him such an experience because his legs were shaking and he said I was his best cocksucker so far. I was relieved to hear this and continued to rub his dick slowly while asking him if he wanted to try my pussy. He brought me closer and we started to kiss, he started to massage my boobs and nipples again, while I came over him, and with one hand I put his penis slowly in my pussy. The penetration was slow and deep, I felt very good as well, which is rare that I am so excited. Dubai GFE escorts have to work sometimes with more clients a day, but today Arash was my first and only client, and after such a nice date I didn’t feel like one of the Dubai escorts but as his girlfriend. It was easy to give him the GFE, the girlfriend experience.

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Well, I started to move on his dick, riding on him slowly, to give him long pleasure and the real girlfriend experience that he wanted and that his little Dubai escort girls wanted to give him as well. His dick went deeper and deeper inside me, my pussy was wet now so I could move faster and faster as well. We were both moanings, petting each other and kissing while we moved stronger and faster. I couldn’t resist so long his warm, passionate kisses and his perfect-sized dick inside me, and I felt my orgasm was close. I began to scream and felt my pussy become very wet, and my orgasm began; it took a long time and was very intense. I had to stop after, I was only sitting on his dick for about 2 minutes, while his cock was still strong inside me and he was kissing and petting me like a real lover. I could fall asleep in his arms immediately, but as a woman and as a Dubai escort I had to seduce him as well. Anyway, I wanted to make him cum to feel what I’ve felt, so I started to move again on him faster and faster. Soon he asked me to turn around, so I showed him my nice, round ass which he started to fuck from behind. As a Dubai escort, I loved the doggy style, also because it gave big pleasure, also because it was a good position to finish the clients. This time I wanted him to have great orgasms from me, and I heard that it was closer and closer as he moved in and out in my hole.

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Well, he was soon ready to cum, and as we agreed before, he wanted to cum in my mouth, so I turned around quickly when I heard he was ready, and I began to suck his dick again. I was looking very sexy in his eyes as my hands rubbed and petted his dick and balls, and soon I felt his cum in my mouth, the warm, tasty sperm that I enjoyed swallowing. This was only the first round with Arash as a Dubai escort that night, but the next round would be a different story…

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