Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

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Nowadays, when men are working so much and they don’t have time for a serious relationship, they use escort services. The popularity of escort girls increased because of the presence of single males and because of guys who are in relationships but want more sexual experience. This is the reason why men all around the world are asking for girlfriend experience (GFE), as a service of escort girls.

Girlfriend Experience

What is Girlfriend Experience?

Now let me explain what is GFE: this is a type of service provided by an escort girl, which includes the role of the escort to act like the client’s girlfriend. Now you are wondering, what does that mean? Like in each relationship, French kissing, hugging, talking, walking together, making love, and also having dinner are essentials. There are a lot of clients who are asking for this kind of “service” from an escort, because they don’t want just sex from the girl, but they want a more personal interaction from each side. This kind of service cannot be generalized, because this depends on the person, each man is acting in different ways.

Escort girls have to learn how to handle this kind of situation, they have to be prepared for role play, to be the client’s girlfriends, to kiss him (most of the time clients ask kissing with tongue), cuddling, foreplay, and things like this. Not all the escorts accept girlfriend experience, because there are girls who don’t provide French kissing at all. Practicing GFE will increase each escort’s business because in this way they will get a lot of good reviews and new clients, aspiring for a girlfriend experience will come.

At most of the escort directories, you can advertise your services, and there you can select also GFE. Unfortunately, many girls advertise their business is not a fair way, because they put services on the list that they don’t provide at all. If you put on your list GFE, you must realize you should offer DFK (deep French kissing), blowjob with or without condom, cunnilingus, and affection to your client. Are you capable to offer all these services to your client? If the answer is yes, advertise your GFE, but if no, don’t advertise as a GFE girl, because you will get some bad reviews.

Also if you feel uncomfortable because of some of the services mentioned above, you can put a higher price for GFE or you can with the same price and ask extra for some services. Always you have to mention to your client about your services included in the price and about your extras because, in this way, you won’t have problems at the meeting when your client will ask for something you never provided.

Providing GFE you should go with your clients to dinner dates, to the cinema or to different places he invites you. Most of the businessmen hire escort girls for companions because they are beautiful and they can be proud because of their “girlfriends”. In this kind of situation, escort girls are a point of attraction and distraction of attention, because few statistics said that with the presence of a beautiful woman, everyone can increase his business.

Providing GFE is beneficial for everyone, for the escort because she gets more money and for customers because they can receive the attention he aspires for.

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