First time with a lover

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First time with a lover, I called her number and she said come to room 269 and the door will be unlocked. Enter and close the door. Do not say a word go into the bathroom and close the door. There will be a note instructing you what to do next. Now, this puzzled me and thrilled me at the same time. I found my way up the stairs to the room. Sure enough, the door was unlocked. I entered and all the lights were out and I locked the door and just stood there with my back to the door, wondering as to whether or not this was a set-up. The perfume that wafted over the room was sensual and sexy. Ravel’s Bolero was playing softly in the background. I could not see anyone.

I decided in for a dollar in for a fun time. Nervously I entered the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the light. I found the note and it said, do not talk or ask questions there will be plenty of time. Take off your clothes and get into the shower and clean yourself up. When done there is toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash on the counter. Use them! When you are dry, put on the robe I have laid out for you, turn off the light, then open the door and go back to the entry door and put your hands against the door, spread your legs a little, and hold still. DO not move, do not speak.

First time with a lover

Nervously, I got done with the shower was hard as a rock thinking of what may be coming and hoping it would be fun and exciting. I quickly showered off, brushed my teeth, and used the mouthwash.

Nervously, I turned out the light, took a deep breath, and opened the door. The room was dark. The music had changed and was replaced with another that I believe was Tchaikovsky, but could not name it as I was concentrating to not fall and make a fool of myself more than I was already feeling and hoping this was not again a set-up. With trepidation, I turned towards the door stood about 18″ away, and placed my hands against the door.

At first, I heard nothing but the music, and then I heard faint footsteps coming up behind me. Her perfume was subtle and announced she was behind me. A hand came up and bushed the side of my face and said shhh! Do not talk, just listen, feel, and enjoy. Soon both her hands were caressing my head and my neck. She slipped her arms around me and pulled me into her. I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. They were not large, but not small either. I could not tell if she was dressed or not. She continued to rub my arms, chest, and head and then slowly lowered her hands and undid the sash of my robe pulling it fully open. I made like to remove it, and she stopped my movements with her arms. I kept my hands on the door and could hear people walking up and down the hallway, but that was a blur of sound as my heart was racing with the idea of what may happen next.

Soon she resumed her exploration of my body, it seemed like it was hours before she moved down from my chest to my stomach and along my legs. My dick was dancing with anticipation and I thought I would bust loose and splatter the door if she touched me. Her hands continued to explore me; they traveled down my legs and then back up again. She reached under the robe and ran her hands down the back of my legs then over my buttocks, which she caressed, gripped, and stroked. She then went up to my back to my shoulders and down again in a sensual massage lightly scraping her fingernails against my back and buttocks. This sent shivers up my back and through my whole body. She put her left leg against my ankle from the inside and pushed me to move my legs farther apart, I did so and she repeated it on the other leg. Soon, I was leaning against the door with my legs about 3′ apart, my robe wide open and still the room was dark.

Now I haven’t seen the lady, and it could have been any lady and not the one I had seen the picture of, but at this point, I did not give a damn. By now I was so excited that I didn’t care if she was 20 or 60. I then felt her hands slide off of my hips and buttocks and felt her hairbrush my leg. The robe was pushed back and I felt her coming up underneath me. Suddenly, my dick was grabbed and sucked into the warmest mouth. The sensation almost made me blow right there, but she grabbed my balls and squeezed them stopping that thought almost immediately. She gripped them hard and stopped the urge to let loose. I sucked my breath in and let out a whoosh of air and a “God Damn”. I was not expecting that. She quickly let go of me but continued to suck on me as she came upon her knees in front of me. I still could not see her, but again I did not care as the sensation she was doing to my dick was unbelievable.

She then moved her hands up and caressed my stomach and chest and then along my back and gripped my buttocks again. She then started sucking on me like there was no tomorrow and I quickly was coming to the boiling point. She slipped one hand down around my balls and lightly caressed them as she continued to suck on me with both slow and fast motions. Pretty soon, I was ready to blast off, I told her I was coming and to watch out, she did not miss a stroke and actually went faster. I was panting like a racehorse by now! Really quick, I said here it comes and she just held me in her mouth and took it all. She quickly licked and sucked me clean.

She let me go and I collapsed against the doorway. She chuckled as she crawled up from under me and just held me from behind and said glad you could cum to me as that was just the beginning of tonight!

She reached up and grabbed my robe and pulled me towards her and planted a huge kiss on me that almost left my knees shaking if that was possible after the 1st few minutes. And to think she was going to be with me until morning. Would I be alive in the AM if this was the 1st course?

Meeting an escort

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After my fantastic meeting with Holly, I decided that 30-minute meetings were the way to go. I can still have lots of fun and cum a couple of times as well as being more affordable so I can see more people.

I logged to the Escort site I use and look for any new profiles I like the look of. I spotted one new profile that was set up the day before that had no reviews but a few pictures and information on the lady. Kerra Rock Chick was her name. Thirty-six years old, 5″ 8 inches tall, athletic build, short black hair, piercings, and tattoos. Tight wet pussy, central location, and easy to get along with. The sex your girlfriend won’t have.

This sounded exactly what I wanted so I sent off a message asking when she was available and I was looking to cum a couple of times in a 30-minute meeting.

Meeting an escort

Kerra replied within 5 minutes of my message saying she was available now. I was a bit nervous as it was such a new profile with no reviews, but she sounded great so I replied saying I could be with her in 30 minutes and does she have a shower I could use it? She replied saying of course and sent me the address. I replied saying I’ll see you soon and went to get ready.

I quickly trimmed my balls so they were nice and smooth, grabbed some water, jumped in the car, set the sat nav, and set off. When I arrived I sent a text and Kerra replied with the flat number and the code for the buzzer.

Man, my heart was pounding more than my previous meets as the profile was brand new and there were no reviews so I guess anything could be waiting for me. I got to the door and it opened even before I knocked it. I walked in, Kerra closed the door behind me and gave me a lovely deep kiss. She looked amazing in a matching underwear set. I think she sensed my nerves as she offered me a quick coffee so we could chat. This really put my nerves at ease and we chatted about music as it turned out we had similar tastes.

Kerra offered me a shower which I accepted so I was nice and fresh. She showed me where the bedroom was once I was done. When I came out of the shower and entered the bedroom I was pleased to see that Kerra was on the bed and already naked. She looked even better with nothing on and this really got the blood pumping. She beckoned me over so I lay down beside her and we chatted for a couple of minutes.

Kerra started rubbing her hands up and down my leg under my towel. I was super hard even before she was anywhere near my cock. My hard-on was straining against the towel and it looked like I was pitching a tent. Kerra commented on this and said “Let’s lose the towel” so the towel was flung onto the floor. Kerra was pleased with how happy I was to see her. “You look like your ready for some fun” she whispered into my ear which was really horny.

Keera was now rubbing my balls slowly and gently wanking me telling me how she loves her nipple piercings played with. I had never been with anyone that had nipple piercings before. She had nice small pert breasts, slightly more than a handful and boy were they responsive. After a few seconds of gentle rubbing and caressing her nipples were rock hard.

Kerra came up for a nice passionate kiss, she then presented her breasts at my mouth for me to have a suck and nibble. I really enjoyed playing with her and the piercings were fun. Kerra was enjoying it as well and told me “I’m soaking and horny now” With that, she flipped back down towards my cock but positioned herself so that I could play with her pussy.

Kerra started kissing all around my groin, teasing my shaft with her tongue making it twitch, gently kissing my balls. Her pussy was beautiful, nice, and neat, I could see her wetness so slowly started to rub up and down the outer lips. Pushing a bit harder at her clit to lovely moans of pleasure. Kerra started sucking on my balls and using her tongue on them which felt amazing, kissing and licking up and down my shaft, finally stopping at the head and taking it slowly into her hot, wet mouth. She was really working the first few inches of my cock with a powerful sucking action, back and forth and round and round and this alongside her softly playing with my balls was getting too much. After a few minutes, I told Kerra that I was going to cum soon. She stopped and told me to get up on my knees and that she wanted me to cum on her face and tits.

Boy that made me horny so I jumped up and Kerra slipped her legs in-between mine so just her top half was visible to me and started sucking my cock again. I was moaning in ecstasy as her technique was so good, she started rubbing my cock in between her breasts and all over her pierced nipples, back into her mouth for a more frenzied suck.

I said I was going to cum and Kerra took my cock out of her mouth and aimed at her tits and wanked me until I sprayed a massive jet of cum all over her breasts. She then moved aim over her face and I sprayed another jet all over her cheeks and nose, she then opened her mouth and moved my cock towards it while massaging my balls at the same time and wanking me until she drained me into her mouth swallowing the lot. She gently sucked me for a few minutes after I came which felt amazing.

Kerra asked me to get the wipes that were on the bedside table while she cleaned herself up. We chatted for a few minutes whilst cuddled in together and I was pleased with how easy she was to get along with. I wanted to taste her and really have a good play with her very pretty pussy so I started teasing her gently and she started caressing my balls. I moved down her giving nice soft kisses on the way, her breathing became heavy as I very softly teased the outside of her pussy and clit with my tongue. I put a finger in and was very surprised at how tight she was. I worked her clit with my tongue and slowly entered another finger and built up a nice rhythm that Kerra was enjoying.

I kept this up until Kerra said she had come and wanted to return the favor. I stood at the end of the bed and she got to work on my semi-hard cock. Within seconds of entering her mouth, I was hard as a rock. I had a breast in each hand while Kerra gave me a soft, slow, and sensual blowjob. After a few more minutes of this pleasure, Kerra looked at my cock and told me “I want on that right now, lie on the bed” That made me super horny so I jumped onto the bed and lay down for her.

Kerra pulled out a condom and put it on seamlessly with her mouth. She hopped on top of me and aimed my throbbing cock at her hot wet pussy. She teased me in slowly, moving up and down every inch of my hard-on. My god, she was super tight and so warm I didn’t think I was going to be lasting too long. Once Kerra had all of me in she started to grind against me and leaned in for a deep slow kiss. Whilst kissing each other she slowly started to ride up and down my shaft. I could have let her do that until I came it felt so good but that would only be a couple more minutes so I suggested we changed positions.

Kerra flipped over onto all fours, who was I to argue about doggy style so I pushed into her balls deep, I left my cock there for a few minutes and played with her breasts and her clit which she really seemed to love. I also did this to stop myself from cumming as soon as we started fucking again. After a few minutes of playing, we started to really fuck. I was pounding her from behind while she was pushing into me from the front, after a couple of minutes I wanted to go on top. Kerra jumped off my cock and lay on her back legs akimbo.

I rubbed my cock over her pussy a few times while Kerra played with her clit. I teased in and out of her slowly while she worked her clit as well. I loved the feeling of her heat and tightness slowly enveloping my cock. I do this for a while then started to fuck her fast. Kerra put her legs up on my shoulders so I grabbed on and we were going at it like rabbits.

I said I was going to cum shortly and Kerra suggested that I cum in her mouth again. Absolutely was my response so I pulled out and whipped off the condom. Kerra came over and started to suck my cock deep and hard, gently squeezing my balls as she did so. She took my cock out her mouth and looked right at me told me to “Cum all over me” whilst wanking me fast. I announced I was going to cum and shot a massive string of cum right up to one side of her face. Kerra then put me back into her mouth and sucked me dry again. Each gentle squeeze of my balls seemed to fire another jet of cum into her mouth. Again she swallowed the lot.

After a quick clean-up, we chatted for a bit before I had a quick shower. We kissed after I was dressed and I started to wish I had booked for an hour as my cock was beginning to harden as we kissed. Kerra said that she can’t wait for next time and I said neither can I and maybe an hour of fun next time.

I would see Kerra several more times but not before sampling some of what others offered.

Adventure With a Couple

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We have to learn how to pass throughout interesting happenings, so this is why I would like to present you my story with a couple. I remember clearly that it was a Sunday afternoon when my agency called me and asked me if I accept a meeting with a couple. Of course, till then, no one asked me for this kind of service. I was very excited. I have to mention it was an outcall meeting, I arrived at 9 pm and when I entered the house, surprise: everything was like in movies, everything was white combined with pink, I felt like I entered into a Barbie’s house.

Adventure with a couple

Outcall for a couple

A very attractive young man (around 30 years old) opened the door and invited me in. He asked me if I want to drink something with him till her fiancé got ready. I accepted, anyway they booked me for 3 hours, so I thought we will talk a lot. When he put me whiskey to drink, he gave me the money, I got some extra money too, but I didn’t ask why. He told me this is my gift why I accepted to meet them. Also, he told me, if they like me, they want to invite me each week, because he and her fiancé adore threesome games.

Sex with the couple

I’ve heard a female voice screaming she is ready and we can go. He invited me into the basement. I was a little bit scared, but when I saw what is there, I calmed down. A hot blonde was waiting for us in the huge Jacuzzi. I saw her in the light of candles, everything was just perfect. Champagne was prepared and we were ready to have fun. They invited me to the Jacuzzi, where we started drinking and talking. The blonde girl was looking at me, and I knew: she wants me so much. We started kissing, cuddling and she told me after 10 minutes of playing: I want to lick your pussy. I let her do whatever she wanted with me, I was supposed to offer them my services, but they wanted to satisfy me. The guy started to kiss my body while she was licking my pussy, I felt like in heaven. They adored my curves. After I had one of the best orgasms of my life, I started to lick her pussy and after to give him a blowjob. I saw in their eyes they were satisfied with my services. An escort girl has to keep her distance from clients, but in this case, everything was just cool, like we have known each other for a long time.

My luck is that I have the ability to find out each person’s wishes, each escort girl has to learn how to focus on clients, because clients are different, with different thoughts and wishes, but being a good escort, you have to learn how to satisfy different types of clients. In the case of couples, they will tell you for sure what they want from you, so believe me, you will have an easier job with a couple than with a simple client, so don’t be scared.

Jennifer – Pornstar Escort

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

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Nowadays, when men are working so much and they don’t have time for a serious relationship, they use escort services. The popularity of escort girls increased because of the presence of single males and because of guys who are in relationships but want more sexual experience. This is the reason why men all around the world are asking for girlfriend experience (GFE), as a service of escort girls.

Girlfriend Experience

What is Girlfriend Experience?

Now let me explain what is GFE: this is a type of service provided by an escort girl, which includes the role of the escort to act like the client’s girlfriend. Now you are wondering, what does that mean? Like in each relationship, French kissing, hugging, talking, walking together, making love, and also having dinner are essentials. There are a lot of clients who are asking for this kind of “service” from an escort, because they don’t want just sex from the girl, but they want a more personal interaction from each side. This kind of service cannot be generalized, because this depends on the person, each man is acting in different ways.

Escort girls have to learn how to handle this kind of situation, they have to be prepared for role play, to be the client’s girlfriends, to kiss him (most of the time clients ask kissing with tongue), cuddling, foreplay, and things like this. Not all the escorts accept girlfriend experience, because there are girls who don’t provide French kissing at all. Practicing GFE will increase each escort’s business because in this way they will get a lot of good reviews and new clients, aspiring for a girlfriend experience will come.

At most of the escort directories, you can advertise your services, and there you can select also GFE. Unfortunately, many girls advertise their business is not a fair way, because they put services on the list that they don’t provide at all. If you put on your list GFE, you must realize you should offer DFK (deep French kissing), blowjob with or without condom, cunnilingus, and affection to your client. Are you capable to offer all these services to your client? If the answer is yes, advertise your GFE, but if no, don’t advertise as a GFE girl, because you will get some bad reviews.

Also if you feel uncomfortable because of some of the services mentioned above, you can put a higher price for GFE or you can with the same price and ask extra for some services. Always you have to mention to your client about your services included in the price and about your extras because, in this way, you won’t have problems at the meeting when your client will ask for something you never provided.

Providing GFE you should go with your clients to dinner dates, to the cinema or to different places he invites you. Most of the businessmen hire escort girls for companions because they are beautiful and they can be proud because of their “girlfriends”. In this kind of situation, escort girls are a point of attraction and distraction of attention, because few statistics said that with the presence of a beautiful woman, everyone can increase his business.

Providing GFE is beneficial for everyone, for the escort because she gets more money and for customers because they can receive the attention he aspires for.

Tips for Escorts

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This will be a short and fast lesson that can help beginners, new escorts to avoid some mistakes that many escort girls do or did at the beginning of their escort career. First of all, I will talk about some facts about our marketing, some important points about reviews and clients, and at the end about some important financial stuff that only a very small percentage of the escorts keep in mind. Be serious about your escort career and you can change your life for the better, be one of the ordinary escorts and you won’t change anything just live from day by day and get older.

Tips for escorts

Escorts and marketing

A very important lesson that escort girls have to keep in mind is to be ready for the marketing. We need marketing such as supermarkets or other shops and entrepreneurs. We need to sell ourselves. Escort girls think many times that it’s enough to be pretty and the work will come, no way. There are many escorts out there, it’s a competitive field and the clients must be convinced to choose you. Because most of the time your clients won’t see you in reality, just your pictures on a website, professional photos are the first step. Do not spare on this, this is more important than to make new boobs or any plastic surgery, or to buy clothes or whatever. It’s a business of appearance, so you must have the best photos possible to earn money and to get clients.

Escorts and satisfied clients

The second most important thing I want to talk about is to satisfy clients. For escorts, it’s important to give a good service or you won’t be able to build your client base. Even on those days, when you are sad or don’t feel the best, you have to be a good actress and be nice to your client. They pay you, so they want to have a great experience with a nice girl on their side. It’s also important for your escort agency to work together with girls who are willing to satisfy customers, as bad quality service is something that can harm the escort agency as well. When you are on a hotel tour in another city, many times you have to get good reviews to have more clients. So you want to satisfy your first clients and ask them to write a positive review if they had a good time with you. It’s crucial to have positive feedback about your work.

Escorts and financial habits

Many escort girls live day by day without thinking of the future. I know only a few of them who could buy a house, car and opened a business as a future income stream. Most of the girls spend their money on parties, clothes, holidays, and unfortunately on drugs. Be one of the smart ones, who are willing to take care of themselves. Time won’t stop and once you have to finish to be one of the escorts. Be smart and think about your future!

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Best Blowjob

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Hello boys and girls, I thought to write about one of my experiences before I became a porn star escort. Basically, I’ve started the porn and the escort career at the same time as I’ve mentioned before. It was a great weapon in my hand to earn more money when they saw my movies, so if you can handle being on screen, go and be a porn star escort for the bigger money. Anyway, there was one specialty that I always loved to do, even when it was about my private life, to suck dick. I love when I can handle men easily just by giving them some sexual excitement with my mouth. I always loved to suck, I did first when I was 18 years old.

Best blowjob

Before the porn star escort years

I remember well, I was 18 years old in high school, and almost all the girls around me had sex… I felt bad that I had no such experience, I was shamed. There was that guy in the school, a tall, handsome boy, all the girls wanted to be with him. I knew he already had sex with some chicks from my class, he was the kind of alpha male in the high school. One day I went to the school in a small, yellow dress, which showed well my legs and my boobs. I saw this guy at the entrance with his friends looking at me, I felt terrible and embarrassed as I went in. I felt their eyes on my ass, but I just couldn’t turn around. Later that they, as the school went on, we met on the corridor with the guy a few times and he was smiling, for the first time. I thought there was a problem with me or with my dress, but once he came over and started to talk. I was so happy, I saw the girls were mad around me. The best-looking guy from the school chatted up to me, wow… We talked about the teachers, about the school, about plans. He asked me if he can come home with me after school. Of course, I said yes. I couldn’t wait to finish school that day.

Flirt and walk

After school, my heart was beating fast as I was waiting in front of the school. Jeremy, that was his name came to take me home. I had to walk a lot, usually, I used the bus, but I wanted to have him next to me as long as possible, so I lied and told him I always go home by foot through the park. He liked the idea, and he mentioned that it can be dangerous to go in such a sexy dress through the park, so next time I should ask his company again, I get red on the face from his words and smiled inside. We were walking towards the park, and he made me laugh. I’ve enjoyed his company and he did it as well…

Pornstar Experience (PSE)

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Perfect pornstar experience! A beautiful and well-known porn star can work as an escort too. We call them pornstar escorts. The biggest part of the clients who are willing to pay for escort girls is interested in the experiences of a porn star. They would like to get what they have seen in the movies. Porn movies are working for you as advertisements as you can have more and more fans. The more people watch your movies, the more fans you can have if you do it well. If a client asks you, he wants to have pornstar experience (PSE). Do with him the same what you did in your porn movie.

Pornstar escorts have to give PSE – Pornstar experience

Prepare the same makeup that you used to in the porn movies. Maybe wear a sexy glass, shoes and a really wild dress. Dance slowly, move your hips and use eye contact. Smooth yourself up and down. Take your fingers into your mouth. Make him excited! Take your hand into your knickers, smoothen your pussy and take your clothes off slowly. During this time the client will be hard enough. Pull his zip down and suck his penis.

Lick his balls and “eat” him with your mouth as you used to do in the movies and look into his eyes. This is what they pay for, the real pornstar experience. They just love it a lot. Allow him to penetrate in different postures. You need to lead him because he isn’t a professional. Find the best posture for him. While he is deep inside you, let’s groan and scream into his ears. With this, you can make him more self-confident, even braver. He may think that he can satisfy a porn star too.

Pornstar Experience

The pornstar experience is the weapon of pornstar escorts

Very important to make him feel good, because if he is satisfied and he had good pornstar experiences then he will ask you over and over again. So you can have a returning client like a pornstar escort girl.

I have a lot of clients to whom I can give a pornstar experience (PSE). First of all, I was a porn actress and just after that, I started to work as a pornstar escort. The bigger number of my movies the more fans I had. Many people asked me to have escort work. For a while, I feared, but one day I said yes.

The first night when I did escort work my customer wanted to do the same with me, what my partner did with me in my last movie. He wanted me to wear the same makeup and dress too. I made his wish come true. I was wearing a netted red overall with dark and red makeup. He switched my movie on and I had to do the same postures. He was very satisfied with the pornstar experience and he is one of my standard clients now. So girls, be professional as I used to say, and give the best pornstar experience PSE for your clients!

Without Regret

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Hi, Girls! In today’s topic, I’m going to talk about regrets. We all know the famous saying, “Fear is temporary, regret is forever”. Yes. That’s right. There are things in life, we never know, if we didn’t try. It works for almost everything.

Sex without regret

Do without regret

There is a lot of sunny side to escorting and pornstar escorting. First of all, it involves many interesting and versatile traveling abroad. There are not so many other jobs, that would offer this great opportunity. Second, the amount of new and well-connected people you meet is once again an incredible chance for you to get to know more people. They might be on your returning call girl client’s list. Never forget about the thousands of chances you might be facing during these trips, parties, events, and dates. At last but not at least, the financial matter. Let’s put it this way: There are almost no other jobs, that would offer the same salary for an hour’s of work like this one. Most girls are working hard hours at the mall as a shopgirl, or 8 hours in a boring office building, etc.

Without boredom and stringency

Well with escorting and pornstar escorting boredom and stringency are not a matter of everyday life. With all that, regret is not a question I hope. Let’s say, you just started escorting or filming. To make sex for money. It is all going great, people from the professional team are satisfied with your work, you are getting all the credits you deserve and seek for. It’s all going great for you. You get across many new connections, interesting people, you start to travel, you can afford much more than before. Sometimes happens that the client is not that handsome, or not your dream man… but think about the easy money you make!

When conscience comes:

How are you going to tell all this to your friends (if they don’t know it yet), or to your parents? Another big deal. Well, you have to decide first if you want it to or not. With time, they might get to know about it from someone else and that’s the worst. If you do decide to share it with them, you have to make sure to secure them, that it’s not how they raised you. It’s not their “fault”. You must secure them of your love and concern, and ask the same from them in return. Also should tell them that this is a job, you decided to take this opportunity for your life, and you are taking it seriously.

Most of your parents are old-fashioned and conservative. You have to know the way to approach them and communicate with them, but one thing is for sure. If you keep it in for too long, it will eat you up. Think about it! Being a porn star or an escort girl is fun and lucrative, but you have some important decisions on the way because of your loved ones. No matter what life throws in front of you. It is up to You to take the opportunity or not. If you do, go straight forward with your goals, plans, and wishes. Don’t let anyone stop you. It is your life, and regrets are not a matter of question. Keep it up Chicks!

Jennifer – Pornstar Escort

Mistress in Amsterdam

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Hello, my readers, I am back with a brand new story, Mistress in Amsterdam, and I hope you will enjoy it! If you read my stories, do not hesitate and give me feedback by leaving a comment below my stories.
Today is a rainy day here, and my story with this client happened on a rainy day too. It was in Amsterdam, which is one of my favorite places where I worked as an escort girl.

Mistress in Amsterdam

Mistress in Amsterdam

The last time I spoke about foot fetish, today I write about being a mistress. I always enjoyed this job, because I was always good at dominating my clients. My agency always sends me an SMS before meetings, telling me if my client is already at my place. This time, they told me that he is waiting few minutes, till I dress in leather clothes, this was his wish. No problem. I always bring clothes like this on tours, so I changed myself in 10 minutes, and I was ready to dominate him.

I also took my high-heeled leather boots, I was so sexy with my red lips. Maybe you are wondering how can I seduce all these different clients? It is simple…I am always sure about what I am going to do, the way I do it, and I am playing my role as my clients ask me to do so.

So my client arrived, and he was amazed when he saw me. I was just perfect for him…I was his type. First of all, he asked me to undress him, but not easily, he wanted me to tear off his clothes like I was going to violate him. I asked him how he goes to his home if I undress him like that, and he assured me he brought clothes for this purpose. He was funny, like a little bunny, who was scared of his mistress…

So like he wanted I tear off his clothes, I put him in my bed, and I started to talk dirty with him. I was a miserable bitch, but this was my role with him. He asked me to bite him, to tell him he is the worst person in the world, to beat him, to put my high heel in his mouth, in one word: he was my slave for one hour.

Because I like to play games with men, I started to put my heels in his mouth, while I was playing with his cock, which was erected from the first time he saw me in my costume. After I started to bite his body, slowly, playing with his nipples, he was moaning load, asking me to be hard with him, because he made something wrong.

Finally, I arrived at my favorite play: his cock. It was so big and strong, so I put it in my mouth, and started to play with it. I was hitting it slowly with my hand, biting with my teeth, which excited him more and more, till I was sure he will come in my mouth. I started to suck it faster, and in few seconds, my mouth was full of his warm sperm.

I enjoyed each second with this client, he was so cool, shy, nice, and other qualities I am looking for in each man.

Jennifer – Pornstar Escort

My first porn movie

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Here’s my experience of my first porn movie. So after my successful casting, I went home, and maybe within 2 or 3 days, I received a phone call from the porn agency, that I might have to go for a shooting. An actual video shooting for a porn movie. I’ve got very excited since I haven’t done anything like this before. I’ve had some TV commercials as an extra, but never as an actress for a porn movie!


My first porn movie

Details for my first porn movie

Anyhow, I received the address and all the details I needed to know. Things to bring, fresh hair, nicely done nails, shaved body parts, and so on. The address was at a big villa, a bit outside of the center. Nice and exclusive looking. Amazing garden, and a huge swimming pool in the middle of it. Already this was so exciting to be there, and that I knew I’m going to spend here some quality time. I met the director. He was very polite and told me everything about the set, and the shoot.

Professional Make up is the first step of a porn movie

First, I needed to get make-up. The makeup artist was very sweet. We had a chat in the meantime. My make-up was strong, with dark eyes, light cheekbones, and fresh colored lips. Just how I like it, just how pornstars need to have it. It took probably like an hour, so it gave me some time to put my mind on the shoot, and my job. Because this was already a job for me. An occupation, I wanted to succeed at my best. Never thought the porn movie as an industry would interest me, but as I got involved in it deeper, and deeper, I started to enjoy it more and more. It was a sexy thing, that made me more confident, and more like a woman. Yes. I felt like a woman. Someone sexy, and strong enough to make it on her own. When they did my hair, and the stylist gave me a sexy outfit, I felt more content and even more sexy. Then the director introduced me to my partner in the porn movie. For the first set, they decided to shoot outside in the garden, close to the pool. The scene was that I’m having a great time by the pool, drinking a cocktail, and one guy comes to meet my husband for a business meeting, but “unfortunately” he is not home yet, and this young guy takes advantage of the situation and fucks me right there. As we were filming the porn movie, often I got myself carried away, as I was really a rich woman, enjoying her life, and the company of this young boy.
I have to admit, I enjoyed my first porn movie
So it was an easy thing to do. Just enjoying myself and the porn movie, I wanted to act like a real pornstar. The cameraman was going around us most of the time, but I was just thinking of the casting, that it’s almost the same thing, just with nicer makeup and a more professional set. So I tried my best to make it look sexy, and by the reactions, I did a good job. After finishing him off, they said “cut” and the first scene was filmed. It the first scene in my first porn movie. We went inside, and we got some refreshments. I had to get ready for the next scene. … To continued with more details about my 1st porn movie experience! Till then, keep it up, Guys!

Jennifer – Pornstar Escort

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