Everything is white around me

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Today I will tell you a little bit of a surreal story with a client, but believe me, you will enjoy it a lot because when I think about it, I am always laughing as well.

This story happened on a very cold winter day. My agency called me that I have a regular client, but he doesn’t want to make the appointment in my place, he wants to bring me to his place. In the beginning, I was really confused, because it was snowing and I hate to get out in that kind of weather, but the operator told me he is a very nice regular client and the only day he can meet me is today. Finally, I accepted, then I started to prepare myself and I get an SMS: “Your client will be at your place in 30 minutes, please be ready, because he will bring you to his place”. I was happy because sometimes a taxi driver can be such an idiot. So I got ready in time, a black Range Rover was waiting for me in front of my hotel, the client was so young and cool. I didn’t regret that I’ve accepted the outcall, but when we arrived on the highway, big surprise.

Snow everywhere and in just a few minutes, we cannot move anymore with the car because of a strong snowstorm… We were stuck in the middle of nowhere, everything was just white and we listened to the radio. I sent an SMS to my agency, they have nothing to worry about, I am in the car where is warm and the client is nice to me, but I told them I cannot take another booking for that day because I don’t know how much we will be stuck there.

My client proposed I make something interesting while we are staying there he gave me the money like he always does with girls. As a good escort girl, I like to experience new things, I had to admit, there are just a few things I didn’t experience in this business. One of these was staying in the middle of the highway, everywhere you were looking just white snow.

We started slowly because my client told me he likes it like that. We started to kiss and he kissed so, so good, we were kissing a lot and after he started to kiss my neck and nipples. He told me I had the best nipples he has ever seen, I was very excited, so I started to undress and caress his athletic body. He couldn’t wait anymore, and he pushed my head down, so I knew it is time for a blowjob. I started to lick his cock slowly and with my hand, I was rubbing his balls. I started to suck his dick, while I was looking in his eyes, like a real porn star and he enjoyed everything I was doing with him. He was moaning more and more, lauder and he pushed my head deeper on his penis. My throat was full of his penis, but I continued to deep throat him, luckily his dick was not so big, so I could handle it easily in my mouth. He was moaning so hard, and I started to suck his dick harder and harder, and finally, he cum in my mouth. He was very satisfied and smiling. When I say that my clients are smiling, I know, I made something good with them. This was quite funny, but we washed with snow, it was a little bit cold but funny.

We waited 3 more hours there, had sex till someone knocked on the window. Our salvation crew arrived to save us. He promised me he will book me again, but when the weather is better. We were laughing if he is going to book me in the summertime there might be a tsunami or tornados!!! LOL.

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