Dubai Outcall Escorts Pt 2

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I went to take a shower, and I couldn’t believe I had this fantastic job as one of the Dubai outcall escorts through my escort agency. I’d heard both positive and negative things about the work here from Dubai escorts, but this seemed to be a completely positive experience for me. Arash, my client was a handsome man, I stay in the most beautiful flat I’ve ever seen, and I am in the middle of luxury in Dubai. None of the escort girls can ask more when it’s about to have the perfect order. It was Friday at 4 pm, I quickly packed out from my bag and went to have a shower. I wanted to spend a maximum of 90 minutes to be ready and very sexy, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the most beautiful and famous places in Dubai. I didn’t want to be one of the Dubai escorts who were just working and couldn’t see anything from the beauty of the place. The bath was huge with a jacuzzi inside, I think the whole flat was bigger than a smaller house. Maybe two or even three smaller flats were built together. While I was thinking about this, I took a shower, washed my hair, and started to dry it. When I finished, I started to make my makeup, a bit stronger than I used for the trip.

Dubai Outcall escorts have to be elegant

My makeup was sexy but elegant as well, I was satisfied with the result. I thought about it, to become a makeup artist when I finished this job. I had to dress up, I chose a nice dark blue dress, with high heels and a nice, small bag. In the end, I put on a golden necklace and my earrings, I was ready to go out. When I went out of the room, I could see in Arash’s eyes that he was amazed by me. I felt sexy, I think I was among the most beautiful Dubai escorts. Arash asked me if I wanted to drink something, I voted for a vodka-lime. He gave me the drink and we were chatting a little when I offered to go out earlier to have dinner and look around. I was very happy, as Dubai escorts many times have no chance to go around the city, so I said yes. As an elegant woman on his side, he was very happy as well, I could see it on his face. We called a taxi and went to the inner city, where we could find many different restaurants and clubs. He was holding my hand while we were walking, we seemed to be a very nice couple, many people smiled at us or looked back. Arash was very proud of his Dubai escort, I was as well as he looked very good with a great sense of humor and good heart. I couldn’t believe he had no family with children around. He told me that he tried once but it didn’t work, now for 2 years, he didn’t involve himself in anything serious. While we were talking soon we arrived at a nice little restaurant.

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xoxo 💋  Jennifer

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