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I am watching a very romantic movie, with a perfect family, the husband is working all day and sometimes night and his wife is staying at home, cleaning, cooking and staying with her children (a little boy and a 5 years old girl). Their life is so perfect, they are happy, they have money… but I am wondering: can this perfection exist in the case of call girl wives also?! Let’s take a look into the life of escort wives and will discover the truth.

Call girl wives and their life

Being a call girl is not so simple, because you have to work a lot, to offer professional escort services, to be nice with each client, to accept their wishes. So you have to make a lot of things for money, which finally will bring you happiness, but not real happiness without love.

I have a lot of escort friends who are already married and I can say they are really happy. I am not married, but I can tell you today a really interesting story about one of my friend’s life, how they married, how is their marriage and about escorting vs. marriage.

My friend, let’s name her Rose and her husband, Ryan told me everything about their relationship, how it started, how Ryan decided to ask Rose to marry him and I know few details about their marriage also. She was a stripper in a nightclub, Ryan was single and his hobby was to go once a week to a striptease club and watch beautiful girls dancing. One day, Ryan went to the club where Rose worked, he saw her and fell in love. I almost forgot, Rose is a very attractive young lady, with long blonde hair, blue eyes like the sky, perfect body, but she is also intelligent. Can you imagine call girl wives like Rose? Neither I, but believe me, Rose is the type of perfect wife. In that night, Ryan offered Rose a lot of money, because he wanted her just for him. Job done. Rose was also attracted by Ryan, so from a perfect coincidence, a love story started. From that night, they met each day, they moved together after 1 month, they knew from first look they have to be together. Rose continued working at the club, but there she earned less and less money, so one day she told Ryan: “I want to become an escort girl because I want a perfect future for us and for our children (they still don’t have children). In the beginning, Ryan was a little bit confused because he couldn’t realize that job is a job and a relationship is something different. But finally, they separated her job (escorting) from their perfect relationship. She became a really good escort, she earned a lot of money, in two years they realized everything: a beautiful house in the best district of the city, where only rich people live, cars in the yard, dogs, a beautiful garden with a pool. What can a girl want more from life? In those two years, they lived in a perfect relationship, she was a lot on tours, because she wanted to fulfill all her dreams and after she purposed to relax a lot. In those two years, she worked continuously, without stopping. Happiness with her boyfriend was the most important in her life. But today I want to focus on call girl wives, so let’s speak a little bit about Rose’s marriage.

It was a sunny August day when Ryan asked Rose to marry him and she said “YES” and she was crying (I know these details because Ryan asked me to be there and I was filming the event). Their wedding was like in paradise, everything was so perfect, she had a big princess wedding dress, she was a real princess and her prince was so glad because of her beautiful wife.

After they were husband and wife, Ryan asked Rose to stop escorting, because he wanted his princess only for himself (in his mind, marriage is something deeper than a relationship and this was the reason he asked her). In the beginning, this was reasonable for Rose, but when she started thinking, she realized that she could never be happy giving up something which had become such a big part of her identity. Finally, Ryan accepted her new role as both wife and “working woman”. But after the perfection of their relationship, their marriage was not so perfect, because often Ryan became jealous and irritated or offended when Rose started preparing herself for a client. He loves her wife so much, this is why he was doing this, but just sometimes, because he was too “stupid” to realize Rose is not in a relationship with her clients and the professional woman and wife are different persons.

Call girl wife and partner

Call girl wives and their partner

But let’s speak a little bit about another category of escorts and relationships, about the girls who will never become call girl wives, and after I will tell you other details about Rose’s marriage. So like I said, not everyone is so lucky like Rose was/is. Unfortunately, some girls cannot find love, because they always meet guys who never accept that their girl is working for money. Many girls are rejected by boyfriends after they find out about the occupation of the girls. Most men find the idea of their wife or girlfriend working in the oldest profession to be disturbing and utterly unacceptable. It is also common for partners to worry about what friends and family might think. Many partners, after finding of escorting, call their girlfriends a “whore” or “bitch” and women who are paid for sexual interaction find the label even more hurtful. Some of them are so hurt because of their partner’s rejection, they just stop dating.

Ryan and Rose are living in a “monogamous” marriage, by what I mean, that they slept only with each other, the work is an exception in this case. Work was considered work but to do something “off the clock” was considered betrayal. But what will happen when one of the partners is “cheating”? Most of the call girl wives are loyal because they love their husbands, but if their partner is not loyal, what is happening? A call girl offers many time their services for husbands/boyfriends who are cheating on their wives or girlfriends and they know the best that if someone cheated once will cheat again and the words “it was just sex”, are not really like they say, because many clients will go more often to escorts and will become regulars. So cheating in the eye of an escort wife is hurting because they know that their husband is not happy with them and wants more from life.

You don’t have to lose the conception of true love, because this will guide you till happiness and your money is nothing without love in your life. I heard about marriages, when both partners are in an open relationship, they can sleep with whoever they want, but at the end of the day, they come back and love each other and their marriage is perfect too. In this case, true love can exist, but we are humans and this concept can be different in our opinion. Not everyone can accept this kind of relationship because they want to build their relationships on loyalty, which in the case of escort wives is quite a different conception.

I talked about different types of call girl wives, so let’s return to the marriage of Ryan and Rose. Rose is proving each day that she only loves Ryan, for her, clients are some pieces in a puzzle that have to be “resolved”. For Rose true love is Ryan and for Ryan true love is Rose. But what is the key to their relationship? I think I cannot give you an exact answer to this question, but I meet them all the time, they are narrating to me about their adventures and how much they love their lives. I think the key to their success is, that they realized material everything (house, car, everything) and now they do everything to have a lot of fun. For the moment, Rose is not going on tours very often, because she is rated as a high-class escort, she is working for higher prices than others from her agency. Rose and Ryan are going on vacations often and they proposed to visit the most beautiful places all around the world. They recommended me few places and now I want to recommend you few because if you want to have a good marriage, you have to have a lot of fun and what is funnier than traveling all around the world and meeting a lot of people.

Call girls partying


Call girl wives and fun

Call girl wives have to learn, that not just their fashion wish is the most important, they have to think about their husbands too, they have to organize programs together to keep intimacy on. After they made their dreams come true, they went on a vacation in Greece, where they enjoyed the sea, specific buildings, everything. Her biggest dream was to visit China so their next destination was China, where they visited the Great Wall of China, Mount Emei Scenic Area: Leshan Giant Buddha, they eat specific Chinese food like Chinese noodles, Soy milk, Suan cat, Tofu, and other interesting foods with interesting ingredient and names. Another place they visited was Dubai, where I was with them and we had the best experience of our lives. We visited the 70 malls, but the most beautiful was Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. We visited the biggest tower in the city, Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower), the 7-star luxury hotel, Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs), Dubai Miracle Garden and we stayed all day long on the beach. I tried there a lot of traditional foods, here are some: Kabsa, Camel Milk, Shawarma, Kebab, Camel meat, Yeast Bread, Al Harees, Hummus and so on.

So I think this is a very good lesson for call girl wives and you have nothing to worry about if you are an escort girl and you are still single, keep trying and at the end, you will find your true love. Like I said, without true love, your money is nothing because you won’t be happy without someone near you. You have to find the perfect guy, who will accept you and your job and will be able to separate your job from your private life. He has to understand that you are a different person with your clients and you are different in personal life, so he has to accept your “double identity”. The key to a successful marriage is that you both have to make some sacrifices, he must accept you and you have to love him, just him. A good wife has to take care of her family, husband and child or children if she has, to create the perfect “nest” for everyone and after she can have a lot of fun, to buy everything her eyes and mouth want.

I hope you enjoyed my story about call girl wives and if you are an escort wife or you will be in near future, don’t worry, everything is going to be all right, you should take life into your hands and you may control it as you want because life is here for us and everything depends on us, the good and some bad parts too. But remember, your life cannot be always perfect, you have to fight a lot for perfection, but escort girls are the most powerful girls in the world because maybe they are humiliated and gossiped about, they remained strong and they are proud of the women they become. She is the woman who can offer herself everything, without waiting for someone to offer her something and I can affirm, that escort wives maybe are better wives than “normal” ones, because they met a lot of people, passed through a lot of experiences and they always know how to handle a man, in this case, their husbands.


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