Escorts in Dubai Pt 3

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All Escorts in Dubai would be impressed by this nice little restaurant inside. The outside was unremarkable, but the inside was one of the most luxurious restaurants I’d ever seen. Expensive furniture, expensive silver dinner set, everything was old but fancy and style. Only men worked in the restaurant, who had to wear special, elegant clothes. Arash ordered the drinks for us, I felt like a real woman not as one of the escorts in Dubai. I felt like a lucky girl, I knew I won’t have any problem having sex with this man later this evening. The drinks made me even more happy and horny, the food was delicious, we spent about 2 hours in the restaurant. I believe Arash had to pay a lot, but it was worth every penny. I thought after the dinner he brings his Dubai escort girl to a club to drink some more, then home, but he surprised me. He brought me to walk next to the sea, which was very romantic. We took our shoes down, just walked hand in hand like a real couple, laughing and talking a lot. After about an hour he kissed me as we were walking in the sand, then we walked back where we could find a taxi and went back to his apartment.

Escorts in Dubai can have romantic sex

As we entered his flat, he pushed me gently to the wall and started to kiss me. I could feel his tongue on my tongue, his kiss was perfect. He started to undress me so as I did, soon we were naked still kissing next to the wall. He started to play with my nipples, soon he kissed my tits and made circles on them with his tongue. With one hand he touched my wet pussy and soon his finger was inside me. I was moaning as I’ve enjoyed this a lot, I also touched his penis with my hand, I wanted to feel this man inside me. I kneeled in front of him, put out his dick from the trousers, and immediately put his cock deep inside my mouth. I was rubbing it, massaging his balls, and looked up into his eyes. He enjoyed my blowjob a lot, he just stayed there and his breath became harder and louder. As I was sucking his cock, I felt his liquid on the top of his penis, I swallowed it and wanted more and more. I showed him my deepthroat technique, his cock was on my throat for a few seconds, then out from my mouth then deeper again. I used one of my hands to rub his dick, while the other massaged his balls and near his anus. I think he was knocked out from these movements, as he had to stop me. He was very close to cum into my mouth, which I wanted to feel, but I also wanted Arash to fuck his little Dubai escort girl.

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