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Pornstar escorts in Brussels always have a lot of clients, normal ones and like everywhere, strange ones too, but the good part is that here everyone can earn a lot of money. Important is to know where to make good adverts and also, choosing a good incall location is also important, because like you know, not everyone accepts escorting.
My first time in Brussels was amazing, I was doing only porn movies at the beginning, in this way I knew I will have a lot of clients, but all the time I am afraid of new challenges. I asked a lot of girls about the men in Brussels, some of them told me very amazing facts, others very bad ones, so I told myself: I have to try and after I will see.

Pornstar Escorts in Brussels, Belgium

My agency told me which hotel to book because it is the best for escorting and also it is in a very central place in Brussels. I booked my hotel, I bought my flight ticket and I was ready to go to experience a new challenge of my life. My agency told me I have nothing to worry about because I have a lot of bookings made in advance, everyone wants to meet me. This sounds good, I like to meet a lot of people, my fetish is to meet many guys, I love them all. So I arrived in Brussels on a Sunday evening, around 7 pm and my first booking was at 8 pm, I told my agency I am hurrying but I am not sure I will be ready, so they told my client to arrive around 8.30 pm. Job done.

The guy booked me for 3 hours, the agency told me he is the best client in Brussels, so he always is the first who knows about the arrival of new girls. He was a very good-looking man, but a little bit arrogant and acting like he is the king of Brussels. Anyway, he paid me when the meeting started and our first meeting was very interesting. At the beginning of the meeting, we talked about many things, he asked me a lot of questions about my career, about my movies, and my feelings when I am fucking with so many guys.

After around 2 hours of speaking, he told me he wants a porn star experience and he told me he recently saw a movie with me, so he wants the same experience as in the movie. That movie starts with me, walking sexy in the bed, where a naked guy is waiting for me, I start to make him a blowjob, at the beginning very slowly, but after very hard. I am licking his balls, while I am sucking his dick and looking deep into his eyes, and I am making the best deep throat, my mouth is full of his dick, but I don’t care, everything is just perfect and I am enjoying each minute. The same thing I was doing with my client too till he came into my mouth. This was my first experience with him, but not last, so in that tour, I experienced interesting sexual experiences with him, I offered him everything he wanted, but I will let you know next time.

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