Dubai Escorts Outcall

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During my escort career offering Dubai Escorts outcall, I had many different types of jobs, but my escort agency was specified for different countries to arrange outcalls and city tours. As many of us know, Dubai escorts can make good money, and my luck was that my escort agency also had jobs for Dubai escorts. These jobs included city tours, as escorts in Dubai can make good money doing so; however, they also had outcalls from 2 days to 1 week for Dubai escorts. As I was one of the best-looking girls, I had some clients who were abroad and paid great money to see me for 2 or 3 days, but never could travel to the United Arab Emirates as one of the Dubai escorts. Until one day, when my agent called me if I had time to go to the UAE as a Dubai escort. I said yes immediately, I just wanted to know the details better.

Dubai Escorts Outcall

This was an outcall work, which is very common among Dubai escorts. A rich client, who already ordered a girl from this agency wanted to book me for a weekend, 3 days and 2 nights. I could make great money so I said yes, I had to leave in 4 days. I prepared myself, my bags, and my visa in 4 days, the customer bought the plane ticket and I was ready to go. I was very excited to be one of the Dubai escorts because I enjoyed such simple jobs. The day came and I had to leave my country. The taxi driver brought me to the airport, the flight was a little bit long for me so I tried to sleep all the way. Before we arrived I refreshed myself a little bit, as much as I could on an airplane, to make a great first impression.

Dubai Escorts in Luxury

As I arrived at the airport, I took my bags and headed towards the exit. As I left the gate behind me, a tall man in a suit and tie came to me with a big smile on his face. He called my name and introduced himself, he was Arash, which is originally a Persian name as far as I know. He looked good, was handsome, and was full of self-confidence. To be honest, I liked him from the first time, the chemistry was working from my side, which was a good sign for the next few days. Dubai escorts have a great time I thought, and I couldn’t wait to arrive at his apartment. Arash assisted me with my luggage, and we took a taxi to his apartment. It was in the inner city, in a big house with a minimum of 50 storage. We went to the 30th floor, and when he opened the flat I couldn’t believe my eyes. A huge flat that I’d never seen before with a great panorama was his flat. I just loved it. Arash told me on the way that he is the owner of an IT company, he always goes by taxi or by a driver as he doesn’t like to drive himself. He asked me if I need something and showed me my room, where he let me pack out my things. He showed me the shower which was connected to my bedroom and told me to relax little he is going to be outside if I need something or if I am ready for dinner. He pleased me to be ready till 7 pm, it was only 4 pm.

To be continued in part 2 of Dubai escorts outcall.


xoxo 💋  Jennifer

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