Meeting an escort

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After my fantastic meeting with Holly, I decided that 30-minute meetings were the way to go. I can still have lots of fun and cum a couple of times as well as being more affordable so I can see more people.

I logged to the Escort site I use and look for any new profiles I like the look of. I spotted one new profile that was set up the day before that had no reviews but a few pictures and information on the lady. Kerra Rock Chick was her name. Thirty-six years old, 5″ 8 inches tall, athletic build, short black hair, piercings, and tattoos. Tight wet pussy, central location, and easy to get along with. The sex your girlfriend won’t have.

This sounded exactly what I wanted so I sent off a message asking when she was available and I was looking to cum a couple of times in a 30-minute meeting.

Meeting an escort

Kerra replied within 5 minutes of my message saying she was available now. I was a bit nervous as it was such a new profile with no reviews, but she sounded great so I replied saying I could be with her in 30 minutes and does she have a shower I could use it? She replied saying of course and sent me the address. I replied saying I’ll see you soon and went to get ready.

I quickly trimmed my balls so they were nice and smooth, grabbed some water, jumped in the car, set the sat nav, and set off. When I arrived I sent a text and Kerra replied with the flat number and the code for the buzzer.

Man, my heart was pounding more than my previous meets as the profile was brand new and there were no reviews so I guess anything could be waiting for me. I got to the door and it opened even before I knocked it. I walked in, Kerra closed the door behind me and gave me a lovely deep kiss. She looked amazing in a matching underwear set. I think she sensed my nerves as she offered me a quick coffee so we could chat. This really put my nerves at ease and we chatted about music as it turned out we had similar tastes.

Kerra offered me a shower which I accepted so I was nice and fresh. She showed me where the bedroom was once I was done. When I came out of the shower and entered the bedroom I was pleased to see that Kerra was on the bed and already naked. She looked even better with nothing on and this really got the blood pumping. She beckoned me over so I lay down beside her and we chatted for a couple of minutes.

Kerra started rubbing her hands up and down my leg under my towel. I was super hard even before she was anywhere near my cock. My hard-on was straining against the towel and it looked like I was pitching a tent. Kerra commented on this and said “Let’s lose the towel” so the towel was flung onto the floor. Kerra was pleased with how happy I was to see her. “You look like your ready for some fun” she whispered into my ear which was really horny.

Keera was now rubbing my balls slowly and gently wanking me telling me how she loves her nipple piercings played with. I had never been with anyone that had nipple piercings before. She had nice small pert breasts, slightly more than a handful and boy were they responsive. After a few seconds of gentle rubbing and caressing her nipples were rock hard.

Kerra came up for a nice passionate kiss, she then presented her breasts at my mouth for me to have a suck and nibble. I really enjoyed playing with her and the piercings were fun. Kerra was enjoying it as well and told me “I’m soaking and horny now” With that, she flipped back down towards my cock but positioned herself so that I could play with her pussy.

Kerra started kissing all around my groin, teasing my shaft with her tongue making it twitch, gently kissing my balls. Her pussy was beautiful, nice, and neat, I could see her wetness so slowly started to rub up and down the outer lips. Pushing a bit harder at her clit to lovely moans of pleasure. Kerra started sucking on my balls and using her tongue on them which felt amazing, kissing and licking up and down my shaft, finally stopping at the head and taking it slowly into her hot, wet mouth. She was really working the first few inches of my cock with a powerful sucking action, back and forth and round and round and this alongside her softly playing with my balls was getting too much. After a few minutes, I told Kerra that I was going to cum soon. She stopped and told me to get up on my knees and that she wanted me to cum on her face and tits.

Boy that made me horny so I jumped up and Kerra slipped her legs in-between mine so just her top half was visible to me and started sucking my cock again. I was moaning in ecstasy as her technique was so good, she started rubbing my cock in between her breasts and all over her pierced nipples, back into her mouth for a more frenzied suck.

I said I was going to cum and Kerra took my cock out of her mouth and aimed at her tits and wanked me until I sprayed a massive jet of cum all over her breasts. She then moved aim over her face and I sprayed another jet all over her cheeks and nose, she then opened her mouth and moved my cock towards it while massaging my balls at the same time and wanking me until she drained me into her mouth swallowing the lot. She gently sucked me for a few minutes after I came which felt amazing.

Kerra asked me to get the wipes that were on the bedside table while she cleaned herself up. We chatted for a few minutes whilst cuddled in together and I was pleased with how easy she was to get along with. I wanted to taste her and really have a good play with her very pretty pussy so I started teasing her gently and she started caressing my balls. I moved down her giving nice soft kisses on the way, her breathing became heavy as I very softly teased the outside of her pussy and clit with my tongue. I put a finger in and was very surprised at how tight she was. I worked her clit with my tongue and slowly entered another finger and built up a nice rhythm that Kerra was enjoying.

I kept this up until Kerra said she had come and wanted to return the favor. I stood at the end of the bed and she got to work on my semi-hard cock. Within seconds of entering her mouth, I was hard as a rock. I had a breast in each hand while Kerra gave me a soft, slow, and sensual blowjob. After a few more minutes of this pleasure, Kerra looked at my cock and told me “I want on that right now, lie on the bed” That made me super horny so I jumped onto the bed and lay down for her.

Kerra pulled out a condom and put it on seamlessly with her mouth. She hopped on top of me and aimed my throbbing cock at her hot wet pussy. She teased me in slowly, moving up and down every inch of my hard-on. My god, she was super tight and so warm I didn’t think I was going to be lasting too long. Once Kerra had all of me in she started to grind against me and leaned in for a deep slow kiss. Whilst kissing each other she slowly started to ride up and down my shaft. I could have let her do that until I came it felt so good but that would only be a couple more minutes so I suggested we changed positions.

Kerra flipped over onto all fours, who was I to argue about doggy style so I pushed into her balls deep, I left my cock there for a few minutes and played with her breasts and her clit which she really seemed to love. I also did this to stop myself from cumming as soon as we started fucking again. After a few minutes of playing, we started to really fuck. I was pounding her from behind while she was pushing into me from the front, after a couple of minutes I wanted to go on top. Kerra jumped off my cock and lay on her back legs akimbo.

I rubbed my cock over her pussy a few times while Kerra played with her clit. I teased in and out of her slowly while she worked her clit as well. I loved the feeling of her heat and tightness slowly enveloping my cock. I do this for a while then started to fuck her fast. Kerra put her legs up on my shoulders so I grabbed on and we were going at it like rabbits.

I said I was going to cum shortly and Kerra suggested that I cum in her mouth again. Absolutely was my response so I pulled out and whipped off the condom. Kerra came over and started to suck my cock deep and hard, gently squeezing my balls as she did so. She took my cock out her mouth and looked right at me told me to “Cum all over me” whilst wanking me fast. I announced I was going to cum and shot a massive string of cum right up to one side of her face. Kerra then put me back into her mouth and sucked me dry again. Each gentle squeeze of my balls seemed to fire another jet of cum into her mouth. Again she swallowed the lot.

After a quick clean-up, we chatted for a bit before I had a quick shower. We kissed after I was dressed and I started to wish I had booked for an hour as my cock was beginning to harden as we kissed. Kerra said that she can’t wait for next time and I said neither can I and maybe an hour of fun next time.

I would see Kerra several more times but not before sampling some of what others offered.

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