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Today I want to speak about one of my clients with a foot fetish. My agency called me that I have someone who wants a foot fetish, and he wants me for 3 hours. I was thinking about this, what can a foot fetishist do with me for 3 hours?! Finally, I accepted, but I told my agency I want extra for this service.

My agency told me he doesn’t want any pedicure, no high heels, no stockings, just to see my feet naked. I accepted the challenge, it was very comfortable for me too. He arrived, and the first thing he looked for was my naked feet, and when he saw it, he was quite happy.

I could see on his face that he liked it very much. For about an hour, he only spoke with me about his wife, who gives him many restrictions, he cannot go out with the boys to drink a beer or something, he has sex with her only once a week or less, and he never told her about the fetish “thing”.

When one hour passed, he told me he wanted to make my pedicure. I accepted. He had red nail polish with him, so he started to color my nails. I saw on his face that he enjoyed each moment of doing this, he was very careful as the pedicure needed to be perfect for a perfect foot job and orgasm. So in about 1 hour, my pedicure was ready. Meanwhile, he was playing with my feet, he was offering me a message, and talking a lot about his life.

Maybe it sounds for someone very strange, but I have to admit, he was very cute. When my pedicure was ready, he asked me to put some high heels on, because he wanted to see them in shoes as well. Challenge accepted again, my feet were gorgeous in sexy red heels. He undressed, while I was asked to make some moves and turn around. He tried to masturbate himself, and he continued making hand jobs for few minutes, while I was playing a photo model, who had to show the public the new collection of clothes. After few minutes, he asked me to masturbate his cock with my feet, so I surrounded his cock with my feet, and I started to move them up and down, slowly, as he wanted. After few moves, he started moaning loader and loader, and I could hear on his breathing that in few seconds he will come on my feet. I accelerated the movements, so like I thought, he cum strong.

After his body stopped shaking, he confessed to me that this was the best foot fetish experience with a professional escort. My biggest satisfaction in life was to satisfy my clients, and I always offered the best I could.


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