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A must-read for recruits in the streets

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Martika. I’m 30 and I’m a 3rd generation prostitute and I’ve been so for the last 16 years. I’ve always worked the streets, never even bothering to think about any other form of prostitution. Streetwalking is the one for me!

So I know my shit, right? Right!

So let’s get on with it!

Attitude; attitude is everything! You walk it how you talk it. You have to act confidently or otherwise, you’ll get swallowed up by all the fuckers out there that’ll just take you for a ride! You don’t need that shit! You are out on the streets to sell pussy, bitch, nothing else. Act accretive and you’ll have fewer problems.

Some slags do try to create a new character for themselves. Changing their name, or at least telling the punters your new identity helps to put some distance between the ‘real’ you and the ‘role’ that you are playing. Many girls have special clothes, makeup, and perfume that their ‘streetwalker’ self uses but they’ll never touch in real life. I get this. I have many friends that do this. It helps them, psychologically, accept what they’re doing. Sometimes some of us bitches get asked to do degrading things or the punters will say something ‘nasty’ whilst they’re fucking us. So, having this other ‘persona’ can help matters. However, some girls drift into drink and drugs to cope…

And that’s another thing! Drink and drugs do go with the lifestyle. I, myself, and a drug user and a reformed alcoholic. It’s very easy to get sucked into this kinda shit. Takes the edge of things that happen on the street or, indeed, get you psyched up to sell pussy in the first place! What I’d recommend is to not get so pissed or high that you can’t function; you’re running a business after all. Make sure you know what’s happening to yourself and what you’re doing. Stay alert!

I really don’t want to see some bitch getting fuckin’ high and ending up dead in a ditch or alleyway…

End of sermon!

Appearance; very important too! No bitch is gonna get picked up who just looks like she’s gone to the shops! I always say that it’s best to look like you’re just heading to a nightclub. Basically skirts short, tops tight! I generally wear some kind of tight leather miniskirt. Tight and short enough to look sexy but not too tight that you can’t pull it up when a punter wants to fuck you. Spend some time on your makeup and jewelry too. Look sexy, not ‘special needs’ ok?

Sex; well, this goes without saying really! Some people are ok with sex. Some people ‘think’ they’ll be ok with multiple sexes. BUT…what about having sex with big penises? Small penises? Smelly penises? Punters with body odor? Some punters just never clean under the foreskin and, as such, I tend to clean them up with a wipe before I EVER think of putting it in MY mouth! The cunt can take a lot of humping but to take on 10+ punters a night can make you quite sore…

Streetwalker slags like us will end up fucking in cars, up against walls, on the floor – and you just know that the punter would NEVER put his coat on the floor for you to lay on – or in phone boxes! So, plenty of fresh air and you might get cold. Who cares? The punters don’t. They just want your legs spread and ready for them! As such, try to keep yourself warm and bring some form of lube. They don’t care that you’re dry in your vagina…they just want it in you! After many years I am used to it but for a newbie slag, it can be painful. Note to self; use lube!!

Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject; oral sex. Do NOT ever NEVER spit it out! Bitches swallow every last drop! A man is getting head from you and sure wants you to swallow what is, you could argue, his DNA…so suck the fucker dry! And the punter will love you for it!

All punters don’t taste the same, incidentally. It depends really on what their diet is!! Lots of dairies and it tastes fishy!

Anal sex; a lot of punters love this. If you’ve never tried it before then make sure you’re well lubed up and just try to breathe as he pushes his cock in your arse. It’ll hurt but usually, punters don’t spend long before they cum.

Reputation; fuck, girl! Rep is everything! Word gets around about some bitch that is a useless fuck or that they don’t take care in their appearance. Word also gets around about which slag doesn’t use rubbers too! So…be careful! Do you want this as a career? Well, it won’t take long before word on the streets has you as a bad lay. Do your best; fuck each punter well, treat them well, and – I always do this, having learned it from both my mother and grandmother – thank them for fucking you. As my mum always says ‘Treat them as a Prince and they’ll ALWAYS come back for more..’

…and that’s the point; you have to advertise and get work for yourself every time you’re out there.

Relationships; I always tell any newbie bitch to smoke. Any bitch that works for me has to smoke. Why? Well, quite a few reasons actually. Men are attracted to ‘nasty’ girls and nasty girls smoke, right? Right! Also, cigarettes and offering them to fellow whores on the street is pretty much the international way of making friends and forming relationships. Friends will watch your back and you can laugh with them. Work has to be fun, right? Also, some nights are fuckin’ slow! It might be quite a while before getting picked up. I have times when I have literally minutes between finishing with a punter and getting back to my spot, again and again, and again, and then times when around a fuckin’ hour passes! You have a cigarette or two and it’ll pass the time away…give you something to do with your hands!

Another way of staying on the right side of the other girls is not to undercut them on prices, ok? Find out what they’re charging for the sexual services and stick to it.

That covers a few of the basics. If there’s enough interest then I’ll post up some more advice.

Take care out there…

Martika xx

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