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This will be a short and fast lesson that can help beginners, new escorts to avoid some mistakes that many escort girls do or did at the beginning of their escort career. First of all, I will talk about some facts about our marketing, some important points about reviews and clients, and at the end about some important financial stuff that only a very small percentage of the escorts keep in mind. Be serious about your escort career and you can change your life for the better, be one of the ordinary escorts and you won’t change anything just live from day by day and get older.

Tips for escorts

Escorts and marketing

A very important lesson that escort girls have to keep in mind is to be ready for the marketing. We need marketing such as supermarkets or other shops and entrepreneurs. We need to sell ourselves. Escort girls think many times that it’s enough to be pretty and the work will come, no way. There are many escorts out there, it’s a competitive field and the clients must be convinced to choose you. Because most of the time your clients won’t see you in reality, just your pictures on a website, professional photos are the first step. Do not spare on this, this is more important than to make new boobs or any plastic surgery, or to buy clothes or whatever. It’s a business of appearance, so you must have the best photos possible to earn money and to get clients.

Escorts and satisfied clients

The second most important thing I want to talk about is to satisfy clients. For escorts, it’s important to give a good service or you won’t be able to build your client base. Even on those days, when you are sad or don’t feel the best, you have to be a good actress and be nice to your client. They pay you, so they want to have a great experience with a nice girl on their side. It’s also important for your escort agency to work together with girls who are willing to satisfy customers, as bad quality service is something that can harm the escort agency as well. When you are on a hotel tour in another city, many times you have to get good reviews to have more clients. So you want to satisfy your first clients and ask them to write a positive review if they had a good time with you. It’s crucial to have positive feedback about your work.

Escorts and financial habits

Many escort girls live day by day without thinking of the future. I know only a few of them who could buy a house, car and opened a business as a future income stream. Most of the girls spend their money on parties, clothes, holidays, and unfortunately on drugs. Be one of the smart ones, who are willing to take care of themselves. Time won’t stop and once you have to finish to be one of the escorts. Be smart and think about your future!

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