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Who is a Premium Escort?

It’s somewhat hard to tell who is a Premium escort (also known as a VIP Companion or VIP Escort) and why. Some people might think a real elite or high-class escort is a sexual provider who gets a donation of more than $600 / hour. While the best Premium escorts often get this donation or even more per hour, it’s not really all about the price tag. Normally an exclusive escort is a real lady, who not only knows how to treat a gentleman but also someone who can act like your real girlfriend or partner in every kind of situation. You can bring her to a business dinner as she is talkative, she can dress like a real lady not like a slut. A high-class escort often speaks more languages and handles this job like a professional. For these girls and ladies, this job is not only about sexuality, but it’s also like a real escort service and their main goal is to give quality time in every manner during the time you spend together.

Premium Escort Services

Premium escorts are willing to invest in this business, their dresses are chosen according to the latest fashion. Their teeth, eyes, hair, and skin look always healthy, they take care of what they eat and go to the gym regularly. They usually do many different services, but do not expect them to do crazy things for you. They like to be treated like real ladies, so a little present and being generous can break the ice easily at the beginning of your meeting. Premium escorts are almost always use paid advertisements on websites such as Fifty Escorts, so if you check our Premium escorts you can be sure that you find the right girl for you to have fun anywhere in the world They do not mind spending money to be more successful in this business, and they want to build long-term relationships with their clients. That’s why they can make you feel you are their perfect man to be with, which often makes you want more and more from them. Browse among our top Premium escort girls and contact them if you need a luxury lady near you.

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