Pornstar Experience (PSE)

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Perfect pornstar experience! A beautiful and well-known porn star can work as an escort too. We call them pornstar escorts. The biggest part of the clients who are willing to pay for escort girls is interested in the experiences of a porn star. They would like to get what they have seen in the movies. Porn movies are working for you as advertisements as you can have more and more fans. The more people watch your movies, the more fans you can have if you do it well. If a client asks you, he wants to have pornstar experience (PSE). Do with him the same what you did in your porn movie.

Pornstar escorts have to give PSE – Pornstar experience

Prepare the same makeup that you used to in the porn movies. Maybe wear a sexy glass, shoes and a really wild dress. Dance slowly, move your hips and use eye contact. Smooth yourself up and down. Take your fingers into your mouth. Make him excited! Take your hand into your knickers, smoothen your pussy and take your clothes off slowly. During this time the client will be hard enough. Pull his zip down and suck his penis.

Lick his balls and “eat” him with your mouth as you used to do in the movies and look into his eyes. This is what they pay for, the real pornstar experience. They just love it a lot. Allow him to penetrate in different postures. You need to lead him because he isn’t a professional. Find the best posture for him. While he is deep inside you, let’s groan and scream into his ears. With this, you can make him more self-confident, even braver. He may think that he can satisfy a porn star too.

Pornstar Experience

The pornstar experience is the weapon of pornstar escorts

Very important to make him feel good, because if he is satisfied and he had good pornstar experiences then he will ask you over and over again. So you can have a returning client like a pornstar escort girl.

I have a lot of clients to whom I can give a pornstar experience (PSE). First of all, I was a porn actress and just after that, I started to work as a pornstar escort. The bigger number of my movies the more fans I had. Many people asked me to have escort work. For a while, I feared, but one day I said yes.

The first night when I did escort work my customer wanted to do the same with me, what my partner did with me in my last movie. He wanted me to wear the same makeup and dress too. I made his wish come true. I was wearing a netted red overall with dark and red makeup. He switched my movie on and I had to do the same postures. He was very satisfied with the pornstar experience and he is one of my standard clients now. So girls, be professional as I used to say, and give the best pornstar experience PSE for your clients!

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