Music teacher lured to a dorm room

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Chloe is a freshman music student at the internationally famous Julliard School of Music in New York City. She came to the big city as a beautiful, innocent girl from upstate New Hampshire. In need of money, she recently started working at an escort agency and has had several erotic adventures including losing her virginity to a client. These stories are told in several installments which you are welcome to read. Today’s story is about her former New Hampshire private music teacher visiting New York. Chloe had a huge crush on him and he had even groped her breast when her attractiveness overwhelmed him during a lesson last year. Even though she was over 18 at the time, he quit since he wanted to remain a faithful family man and could not trust his primal instincts in her presence. Chloe is more daring and urgent in her own sexual desires now and is conspiring to put the teacher’s instincts to the test.

Chloe has a Crush on her Music Teacher.

Chloe was overjoyed to get a message on her Facebook page from Mr. Whitbey her previous private cello teacher in her hometown in New Hampshire. He said he was coming to New York City to be one of five judges of the cello students’ final exam at the Julliard School of Music. He is one of the top cellists in the North East. Chloe has had a crush on him for years. Whenever she thinks of him her heart flutters in her chest and she catches her breath. She remembered fondly, his strong hands being the first to feel and pleasure her budding breasts. Since she got the message, every night she has poured over his pictures on his Facebook, played Ravel’s Bolero on iTunes, imagined his hand touching her body, and then masturbated her soaking pussy until she came with dorm-disturbing screams. She knew he was a devout family man. It was evident from the happy family photos on his Facebook and the fact he quit tutoring her after he touched her sexually even though she was quite willing and 18. Her own recent sexual awakening had happened so suddenly and it had unleashed seemingly uncontrollable urges. Even as she planned on how to get Mr. Whitbey to her dorm room to give him “an offer he could not refuse”, the logical side of her brain knew she was being very, very naughty.

The Music Exam

A large white screen shielded Chloe from the five examiners, including Mr. Whitbey. This is to have as fair as possible a judging of each anonymous student’s playing skills.
On one side of the screen, Chloe was playing her heart out to the famous music of Ravel’s Bolero. It is said that more people have made love to this symphony than any other. She had played this sexy composition for the man who had taken her virginity and given her a mind-blowing orgasm, just a few weeks ago. Her throbbing rhythms and tones were having a stimulating effect on all the judges. Mr. Whitbey was only one of many that we’re shifting in their seats adjusting their stiffening cocks to a more comfortable position. The music was carnally stirring and mesmerizing. He had never heard Ravel played with such mature passion. He gave the anonymous student on the other side of the screen his highest mark of the day.

Off to Clare’s Dorm Room

After the exams were finished, Mr. Whitbey was to meet Chloe at their agreed spot, the front exit doors. They had arranged to go for a light dinner and get caught up on how Chloe was enjoying New York City and Julliard. Chloe was there first with her cello case and could see him walking towards her.
Chloe thought “My goodness, he is even more handsome than I remember.” He was twenty-nine, medium height with light brown hair, thinning a bit. His face was pleasant in a soft musician style, not a ladies man. She thought, ” I love his confident walk and a broad smile. I can’t wait to give him a big hug and kiss.”

Mr. Whitbey looked at her standing there in all her young beauty. He loved her long curly brunette hair that fell below her shoulders. She was dressed in the normal professional lady cellist’s clothing of a high buttoned white blouse and long black skirt down to slightly above the ground. Her breasts were larger than he remembered and they stood out proudly and firm. The conservative clothing could not hide her sensuality. Her smile lit up the hallway when she spotted him.

She squealed in glee and threw her arms around him and pressed her firm body into his a bit longer than necessary.
Mr. Whitbey thought, “Mmmm. Her body feels soo good. I can feel her firm breasts against my chest.”
They separated reluctantly and Chloe exclaimed, “WAIT!. Mr. Whitbey, I learned a new tradition in New York, the air kiss. Let me show you.” She moved her beautiful face to his and their cheeks touched as she gave a little air kiss beside each of his ears.”
His thoughts were filled with the extreme softness of her skin and the aroma of her intoxicating floral perfume. The blood rushed to his face is a full blush when lewd thoughts shot through his brain. He had been afraid of this happening when he agreed to meet her. He had been having sexual fantasies about Chloe for years while fucking his wife.
“Now, Clare, please call me Brad. You are not my student any longer. Let’s drop the formalities.”
But he was happily VERY married to a wonderful wife and two great kids. He knew he had to get things onto safer areas with less touching.

“Why don’t we go for a bite to eat and get caught up. I’d love to hear about your New York adventures.”
Rachel look up at him and said, “O.K. Mr. Mm… I mean Brad. Great idea but first could you help me get my cello back to my dorm. It’s only a block away and I sprained my ankle the other day. Silly me.” She stepped back and lifted her long skirt to reveal a bandaged ankle that showed above her dainty shoe.
“Of course, I will help you. Just show me the way.” He bent over and picked up the heavy case not knowing that this was just Rachel’s ruse on getting him to her very private girl’s dorm room.
Chloe slipped a hand to his arm for support and off they walked. She had a big smile as she happily realized her little ruse was working to perfection. Of course, she remembered to limp a bit for effect. Soon, they were at her dorm door.

The closer they got to the dorm room the more frantic Mr. Whitbey got. He did not know if he could trust himself in the private company of a girl as attractive as Rachel. Once before he had lost it to his great regret.

Chloe unlocked the dorm room door and threw it open and exclaimed, “Could you put the cello over there.” She pointed to the far wall. He hesitated with a look of indecision on his face. “Quick Brad”, she urged, “You are not even supposed to be in the girl’s dorm. I don’t want anyone to see you.” He went into the room. Rachel followed and locked the door quietly behind him.
The room was tiny with a dresser with the large mirror on the right side of a single bed and a small desk and a closet full of clothes on the other. There was a window over the bed that let in the late afternoon sunlight. The colors in the room were soft pinks and greens. There was a sweet girly smell of perfumes and shampoos. The bedspread was covered with beautifully embroidered flowers and butterflies. Photos of family and New Hampshire countryside were on the walls.

Brad put the cello case in the far corner on the right where Chloe had pointed and turned to her.
She smiled and said, “Do you mind waiting a bit. I have to change into something more comfortable and then we can go for dinner and have a great chat.” She saw him blush and then have a look of panic on his face. She continued, “Now, all you have to do is sit here on the bed and keep your head turned modestly away as I get changed.”
He thought, “I don’t know if I can be in the same room as Rachel getting undressed.” He sat on the bed facing away from her with his arms stiff and his hands on his knees looking down at the floor. When he heard the rustle of clothing behind him. He thought he must break the tension.

“How has the weather been in New York.”

Chloe looked over at his back sitting on the bed. Then she looked a bit to the right and could see his complete front profile in the large mirror above the dresser. She thought, “Aha, he was sitting in exactly the place I planned. As soon as he looks up he will see me totally in the mirror. I will give him a slow striptease until he is so horny he can not refuse my desires. ” She waited for him to look up before she opened her first button on her blouse and when he did she immediately looked away. She wanted him to think she was not aware of his gaze.

Brad looked up and drew in a quick breath when he saw the full profile of Chloe as she started to unbutton her blouse from the top. He knew it would be honorable to say something but he has transfixed but the thought of seeing her young, perfect teen body.
“The weather here in New York has been very nice. Not too hot.”
Chloe slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When she got to the final one above the waistband of the skirt she pushed out her chest a bit and slid her shoulders back slightly. This opened the blouse so that Brad could see her light pink bra.
“They say it gets really hot in New York in the summer. But I will be back home during summer break.”
Brad’s eyes were drilled into her every move. He could scarcely breathe as she slowly had unbuttoned her white satin blouse. Now, he could see the cleavage at the top of her bra as her firm breasts were slightly overflowing their constraint.
“How has the weather been back home?”

Rachel pulled the blouse out of the waistband and took it off. She half-turned and took an empty hanger from the closet and turned back and gently placed the blouse on it and hung it up. Knowing that Mr. Whitbey was watching her body made her pussy start to moisten and engorge.

Bard could see the sun streaming through the windows made the fine hairs on Rachel’s alabaster skin light up. His cock hardened and rose awkwardly in his underwear. Rachel’s bra was extremely sheer and he could see the faint outline of her puffy pink areolas and her nipples.
“It’s been a fairly wet spring in New Hampshire. Good for the farmers I guess.”
Rachel reached behind her and undid the clasp of the bra and took it off. She was thinking, “Take a good look at these breasts Mr. Whitbey. These are the ones you felt up over my clothes last year. I wanted you to see and touch them then but you went away. I have been imagining you touching them ever since.” She put the bra on the top shelf of the closet. Her cunt was throbbing now and there was pussy juice gushing between its lips.
“Yes, those farmers are going to do very well this year.”

Brad had never seen breasts as perfect as Rachel’s. They were simply magnificent, round, full, and erect. Now his cock was throbbing and as hard as steel. It hurt in its position so he bent a bit and secretly shifted it upright with his hand to relieve the pain. He had to breathe through his mouth in a light panting way. It was tough to keep his mind on the small talk.
“How have you found the teachers at Julliard.”
Rachel reached behind her to undo her skirt. She could hear Mr. Whitbey give a little gasp but she did not want to make him think she heard him.
“They are not as good as you.” As he gasped, Brad was thinking, “Oh, fuck, she is taking off her skirt! I should say something. I really should.” But his lips could not form the words to stop this wondrous spectacle.
“Brad, I am really sorry to hold you up like this. Are you running late for anything?”
“NO, NO. I’ve got all the time in the world.” He instantly regretted blurting this out so urgently. He thought, “I hope she doesn’t look over here and realize I can see her every move.”
Rachel undid the buttons in the back and slowly dropped them baring her pink silk panties with a cute pink bow with a red flower on the waistband. She longed to run her fingers up and down her sensitive pussy slit. She thought, “My pussy is so wet and I might even cum if this gets any more erotic. I wonder if there is a wet spot at the bottom of the panties that Mr. Whitbey can see. Oh well, I am sure, even if there is, he won’t mind.”
“That’s good. I was hoping that you would not need to catch an early plane or something.”
Brad felt a bead of sweat starting to form on his forehead. He let out a little sigh as he beheld the vision of Chloestanding there with bare tits and pink panties. His eyes drilled into her crotch and the camel toe crease of the silken material caressing her girlie slit. The panties were very sheer and he could see the small patch of soft hair on her pubic mound through the material. There were even a few stray hairs poking out the side where the panties touched her thigh.
“No, my plane goes tomorrow.” He half wondered how long he had taken to respond because it seemed like forever that he was looking at that teen pussy.

Rachel, put a finger under each side of the waistband of her panties and slowly peeled them down to just halfway down her pubic hair, and stopped. Brad held his breath and waited.
“That’s good. It’s not good to just come and go on the same day.”
Brad felt the bead of sweat fall into his right eye and sting. He exhaled and quickly brushed his shirt sleeve over the eye to clear it as Rachel continued and brought her panties down to below her knees and kicked them off. He could see a quick flash of pink from the inner lips of her cunny as she kicked her leg out. He could immediately smell the odor of pussy juice fill the room. The aroma of teen pussy in heat sent a surge of testosterone into the primal regions of his brain. It was everything he could do to not leap up and ravish this girl-woman. He was trying to keep visions of his wife and family in the reasoning part of his brain but they were being pushed under by carnal instincts. She stood with her hands at her sides completely nude. Everything about her body was perfection, her magnificent perfect skin, her firm erect breasts, her flat stomach, her dainty soft small patch of pubic hair that barely covered the camel toe at the edge of her womanhood, and her slim but somewhat womanly hips.

“Yes.” He squeaked out. Rachel was surprised that Mr. Whitbey had not turned and come to her by now but she knew he must be close to the edge. As further urging, she turned around and bent over and took off one sock, then another, and then slowly undid the phony bandage around her ankle as she showed her bare ass and pussy to his full inspection.

Brad was in complete turmoil. He was panting audibly and needed to lick his dry lips. When Rachel turned her ass was perfect, two firm buttocks that were high and proud. When she bent over at the waist the cheeks parted showing a pink gash surrounded by light down-covered pussy lips. Her small light brown asshole was clearly visible. As Chloeunwrapped the bandage with one hand, she put the other on her buttock and this action opened her girlie parts even further. He could see her vagina opening was very tiny, much smaller than his wife’s. “That pussy must be SO tight.” Brad thought, “If only Chloe knew what she was doing to me. My God.” His mouth watered instinctively at the thought of tasting her love juices. But he did not break. He closed his eyes tight, clenched his fists, and repeated to himself, “Think of your wife. Think of your children.” over and over.

Rachel stood up, turned, and looked over at Mr. Whitbey’s face for the first time in the mirror expecting to see him looking back with lust and they would run into each other arms. But no. He was sitting with eyes shut tight. ” Ah well, he needs one more push over the edge.”, she thought and then walked silently but boldly over to his side.

Brad could feel her hand take him and place it on her firm naked buttock. His eyes shot open and there she was standing beside him in all her youthful glory. He tried to say something but she put a finger over his parched lips. She simply took his other hand and placed it on her firm soft breast. This unleashed a pent-up animal groan from his throat as threw both hands around her buttocks and hugged her violently to his face that instantly buried in her wet, hair-covered crotch. The primitive, carnal dam had broken and his logical brain was washed aside. He simply lost it. His only thought was to split this wench’s cunt with his manhood until he came. In the sexually loaded haze of the moment, it dawned on him that this bitch had been teasing him mercilessly for the last hour and she had tricked him to get him into her little fuck-nest. “You fucking evil bitch.” he thought. Brad swung her over her lap and gave her a good slap with his right hand and then another couple as her ass-cheeks began to glow pink. Chloe whimpered and put her hand over her ass to protect it.

The pissed-off Brad roared down at her, “Get your fucking hand away from your ass. You have been cock-teasing me for an hour and this is how we are going to even the score. Then, I am going to fuck your brains out, you little slut.”
Chloe was totally shocked by the turn of events. She was draped over Mr. Whitbey’s legs and her ass was in the air stinging and burning. She thought, “I HAVE been terrible to Mr. Whitbey. He is right. I do deserve this. And if he’s going to fuck me afterward, it will be worth it.” She withdrew her hand leaving her ass unprotected.

Brad said, “Aha, that’s what I like to see, my little bitch.” and he gave her two more loud slaps across her buttocks. “Let’s just check to see if you like this. Open your legs. I want to feel that pussy of yours to see how wet it is ” She slowly opened her legs to give him full access to whatever he wanted to touch. He looked down at the perfect body of the music student below him. Her reddened ass cheeks were slightly parted and with her knees wide, he could see fully down into her nether region. The sides of her upper thighs were covered with vaginal fluids. He said with derision “Your pussy was getting real wet when you were doing your little striptease I see. You really are a horny slut.” He dropped his hand far down between the open legs and reached and stretched open his hand over her pube-covered mound below her stomach. He scratched his fingernails through her soft pubic hair. As he did this, he could feel her wet, hot pussy against the inside of his arm. He rubbed his hand roughly over her mound and then pulled his full palm over the length of her cunt with his middle finger sliding along the wet slit from the camel toe notch at the front, over her engorged hard button of a clit, down over her vagina opening right down to her little pink-brown ass-hole. Chloe moaned in pure pleasure and rotated her hips in acceptance. He felt a bit of tenderness well up and he wanted to stay angry so he gave her a couple of more good whacks in the ass, this time harder. He yelled down at her, “So you want me to fuck you?” She said nothing. He gave her another couple of slaps on her now very red ass. “Tell, me. Do you want me to fuck you?”
Chloe was overcome with emotion. She shouted. “Yes, Mr. Whitbey, please fuck me. I have been dreaming about that for so long.

I’m sorry I teased you. Please forgive me.”

With this, Brad lifted Chloe and threw her on the bed. He stood up and started hurriedly unbuttoning his shirt. Chloescurried over and started frantically undoing his belt and pants. Once his shirt was off he pushed her hands aside and threw off his pants, underwear, and socks in a flash. His total mindset was to get his steel-hard manhood into that tiny wet love canal. He pushed her down on her back, got on his knees between her legs, and quickly surveyed his prize.
Chloe looked up at him. He was staring hungrily at her girlie parts as a man possessed. She had expected some soft loving and foreplay from her cultured artsy man. She had wanted to suck his cock and show him the wonderful things she had learned. But she now knew she had teased him too far and brought out the sexual beast in him. She was a bit ashamed to realize the spanking had given her pleasure. That didn’t seem right. Why did her body keep betraying her? Her carnal instincts seem to have a mind of their own. She reached her arms and hands up to him as a total sign of welcome to fuck her any way he wanted. She was his instrument to play hard or soft.

Brad did not even see her hands offering herself up. He was too busy looking at the fine teen pussy he was going to split with his steel-hard cock. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He lifted her legs into the air roughly, put his upper arms under her calves, and his hands down to the bed. She was in a squatting position but with her pussy facing the ceiling and her shoulders pinned to the bed. This left her crotch wide open, cunt lips stretched wide and the sheath that was normally around Clare’s sensitive clitoris button fully pulled back exposing it. Brad ran the head of his cock up and down the soaking wet pussy to get his weapon wet for his plunge into the tiny entrance to Clare’s vagina. She moaned in pleasure and anticipation. He was selfishly more interested in not hurting the sensitive skin of his own cock head when he reamed her love hole. He was still very angry and extremely horny. He dipped the wet tip of his erect weapon to the entrance of her love canal and pushed. It was so tight that it resisted his entry. It was making him crazy that he could not get his cock into her so he got up from his knees onto his toes for better leverage until finally the entrance gave way suddenly and he plunged balls deep into her hot teen pussy. The slap of his balls against Clare’s ass rang across the room. Rather than calm him, the sensation of his dick in her just drove him into a fucking frenzy. He slammed over and over into her hot womanhood. He just lost it for what seemed like forever. He vaguely remembered biting her tits and nipples and sucking on her neck and biting her ears as he pounded her pussy with his cock again and again. He came with a roar that must have echoed down the dorm halls.

Finally, his logical brain gradually returned. He was still screwing her slowly with their hips locked and cum dripping out of her pussy on every backstroke. He had propped his body above her’s with a hand on each side of her head looking down into her sweet face. He was Nice Guy Caring Brad again and had a quick panicky notion that he had hurt her during his blind passion. He could see fresh bite marks on her breasts and a hickey on her neck. His fear was quickly dispelled when Chloe started tenderly kissing his wrist and arm beside her head and muttering “Thank you” over and over. Brad thought, “My word, she is totally loving this rough fucking. Sweet revelation.” He finally stopped his thrusting and slowly eased himself down onto her naked soft body and fell soundly asleep in an instant.

Chloe lay under him in pure ecstasy as he slept. She loved the feel of his weight on her as the warm cum leaked from her satisfied cunny down the crack of her ass and dripped onto the bedspread her mother had given her. She had had multiple orgasms during the fucking frenzy. It was the best. She knew he would never be hers. He was too honorable to leave his family but at least she could remember this wonderful day forever. When he wakes, she planned to suck his wonderful penis and lick his hairy balls so he will never forget this day forever too.

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