Mistress in Amsterdam

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Hello, my readers, I am back with a brand new story, Mistress in Amsterdam, and I hope you will enjoy it! If you read my stories, do not hesitate and give me feedback by leaving a comment below my stories.
Today is a rainy day here, and my story with this client happened on a rainy day too. It was in Amsterdam, which is one of my favorite places where I worked as an escort girl.

Mistress in Amsterdam

Mistress in Amsterdam

The last time I spoke about foot fetish, today I write about being a mistress. I always enjoyed this job, because I was always good at dominating my clients. My agency always sends me an SMS before meetings, telling me if my client is already at my place. This time, they told me that he is waiting few minutes, till I dress in leather clothes, this was his wish. No problem. I always bring clothes like this on tours, so I changed myself in 10 minutes, and I was ready to dominate him.

I also took my high-heeled leather boots, I was so sexy with my red lips. Maybe you are wondering how can I seduce all these different clients? It is simple…I am always sure about what I am going to do, the way I do it, and I am playing my role as my clients ask me to do so.

So my client arrived, and he was amazed when he saw me. I was just perfect for him…I was his type. First of all, he asked me to undress him, but not easily, he wanted me to tear off his clothes like I was going to violate him. I asked him how he goes to his home if I undress him like that, and he assured me he brought clothes for this purpose. He was funny, like a little bunny, who was scared of his mistress…

So like he wanted I tear off his clothes, I put him in my bed, and I started to talk dirty with him. I was a miserable bitch, but this was my role with him. He asked me to bite him, to tell him he is the worst person in the world, to beat him, to put my high heel in his mouth, in one word: he was my slave for one hour.

Because I like to play games with men, I started to put my heels in his mouth, while I was playing with his cock, which was erected from the first time he saw me in my costume. After I started to bite his body, slowly, playing with his nipples, he was moaning load, asking me to be hard with him, because he made something wrong.

Finally, I arrived at my favorite play: his cock. It was so big and strong, so I put it in my mouth, and started to play with it. I was hitting it slowly with my hand, biting with my teeth, which excited him more and more, till I was sure he will come in my mouth. I started to suck it faster, and in few seconds, my mouth was full of his warm sperm.

I enjoyed each second with this client, he was so cool, shy, nice, and other qualities I am looking for in each man.

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