First time with a lover

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First time with a lover, I called her number and she said come to room 269 and the door will be unlocked. Enter and close the door. Do not say a word go into the bathroom and close the door. There will be a note instructing you what to do next. Now, this puzzled me and thrilled me at the same time. I found my way up the stairs to the room. Sure enough, the door was unlocked. I entered and all the lights were out and I locked the door and just stood there with my back to the door, wondering as to whether or not this was a set-up. The perfume that wafted over the room was sensual and sexy. Ravel’s Bolero was playing softly in the background. I could not see anyone.

I decided in for a dollar in for a fun time. Nervously I entered the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the light. I found the note and it said, do not talk or ask questions there will be plenty of time. Take off your clothes and get into the shower and clean yourself up. When done there is toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash on the counter. Use them! When you are dry, put on the robe I have laid out for you, turn off the light, then open the door and go back to the entry door and put your hands against the door, spread your legs a little, and hold still. DO not move, do not speak.

First time with a lover

Nervously, I got done with the shower was hard as a rock thinking of what may be coming and hoping it would be fun and exciting. I quickly showered off, brushed my teeth, and used the mouthwash.

Nervously, I turned out the light, took a deep breath, and opened the door. The room was dark. The music had changed and was replaced with another that I believe was Tchaikovsky, but could not name it as I was concentrating to not fall and make a fool of myself more than I was already feeling and hoping this was not again a set-up. With trepidation, I turned towards the door stood about 18″ away, and placed my hands against the door.

At first, I heard nothing but the music, and then I heard faint footsteps coming up behind me. Her perfume was subtle and announced she was behind me. A hand came up and bushed the side of my face and said shhh! Do not talk, just listen, feel, and enjoy. Soon both her hands were caressing my head and my neck. She slipped her arms around me and pulled me into her. I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. They were not large, but not small either. I could not tell if she was dressed or not. She continued to rub my arms, chest, and head and then slowly lowered her hands and undid the sash of my robe pulling it fully open. I made like to remove it, and she stopped my movements with her arms. I kept my hands on the door and could hear people walking up and down the hallway, but that was a blur of sound as my heart was racing with the idea of what may happen next.

Soon she resumed her exploration of my body, it seemed like it was hours before she moved down from my chest to my stomach and along my legs. My dick was dancing with anticipation and I thought I would bust loose and splatter the door if she touched me. Her hands continued to explore me; they traveled down my legs and then back up again. She reached under the robe and ran her hands down the back of my legs then over my buttocks, which she caressed, gripped, and stroked. She then went up to my back to my shoulders and down again in a sensual massage lightly scraping her fingernails against my back and buttocks. This sent shivers up my back and through my whole body. She put her left leg against my ankle from the inside and pushed me to move my legs farther apart, I did so and she repeated it on the other leg. Soon, I was leaning against the door with my legs about 3′ apart, my robe wide open and still the room was dark.

Now I haven’t seen the lady, and it could have been any lady and not the one I had seen the picture of, but at this point, I did not give a damn. By now I was so excited that I didn’t care if she was 20 or 60. I then felt her hands slide off of my hips and buttocks and felt her hairbrush my leg. The robe was pushed back and I felt her coming up underneath me. Suddenly, my dick was grabbed and sucked into the warmest mouth. The sensation almost made me blow right there, but she grabbed my balls and squeezed them stopping that thought almost immediately. She gripped them hard and stopped the urge to let loose. I sucked my breath in and let out a whoosh of air and a “God Damn”. I was not expecting that. She quickly let go of me but continued to suck on me as she came upon her knees in front of me. I still could not see her, but again I did not care as the sensation she was doing to my dick was unbelievable.

She then moved her hands up and caressed my stomach and chest and then along my back and gripped my buttocks again. She then started sucking on me like there was no tomorrow and I quickly was coming to the boiling point. She slipped one hand down around my balls and lightly caressed them as she continued to suck on me with both slow and fast motions. Pretty soon, I was ready to blast off, I told her I was coming and to watch out, she did not miss a stroke and actually went faster. I was panting like a racehorse by now! Really quick, I said here it comes and she just held me in her mouth and took it all. She quickly licked and sucked me clean.

She let me go and I collapsed against the doorway. She chuckled as she crawled up from under me and just held me from behind and said glad you could cum to me as that was just the beginning of tonight!

She reached up and grabbed my robe and pulled me towards her and planted a huge kiss on me that almost left my knees shaking if that was possible after the 1st few minutes. And to think she was going to be with me until morning. Would I be alive in the AM if this was the 1st course?

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