Lonely Housewife Bonked

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Lonely Housewife Bonked by a handyman

This story is based on some true events.
Names changed and all.

My name is Tony Hoopers.
I run a home repair business. I can fix most home appliances or outsource from other contractors. I operate in fairly affluent suburbs. I am 21, single, tall and slim, and have sandy blonde hair. I am baby-faced and most people think I am 16. I’m an easy-going person to most women and I have no problem getting girlfriends, sometimes too many.

I received a call from a woman about her kitchen lights. She wanted to swap some lights around. Little did I know she wanted to hook up with me and never mind the lights. I knocked and she opened the door. She was about 5’6”, had long shiny black pinned up hair, and dressed casually, a low-cut pink sweater and black slacks. She had a slim hot figure and a beautiful face and skin. She looked filth rich. Her big house had fancy expensive furniture and manicured garden. I noticed some nice big boobs under her sweater.

Lonely housewife and handyman

She realized that I am checking her. I quickly introduced myself and gave her my business card. I said: “A…. Mrs. Jones called about some kitchen lightning to be moved?” She looked at me and smiled, then replied…”Oh, Well…come on in.”

The ‘Jones’ family was one of the richest in town. I made a mental note of the name ’Jones’ before I got there. The moment I saw her, I knew who she was. Her last name was now Salmon, another wealthy family, but she was the mystery girl, Annie Jones. Gossip mill had it she was the lusty girl in the family, with a fetish for young boys. I discovered later that her family paid her to stay out of trouble, to keep the family reputation clean. She always had a bodyguard who kept any naughty young males away. At 30, she moved away from the family residence. It was just 3 days after her 30th birthday.

Well…this was going to be an interesting adventure. She grabbed my arm and walked with me to the kitchen and made me a cup of coffee. She got straight into my face whispered: “Sugar?” I was getting nervous. I decided to play along. I then half-whispered back and said: “Oh my…. yes…sugar would be so great, I love the feeling of hot coffee, to warm me up.” She just smiled. Oh…. she was up for this hot dirty talk game. I kept playing along. I could see that she’s up to something. She then grabbed my arm again and we went and sit by the living room couch.

I felt like a slave in a mistress’ dungeon.
I sat on the center of the couch, and she sat on the right, lying on the huge pillow. She put her feet on my lap and smiled at me. She sat on a way that I could see her big tits inside the sweater. She stirred at me like…(‘ok Mr. Hooper, do your thing’.)
I smiled at her…and took off her shoes.

I started rubbing her feet softly. Whoa!…she wasn’t expecting that! She started breathing so fast and meditating on it. She tried to be calm and kept smiling at me, but just for a little while.

We didn’t say much as I started to go up her legs touching. She blinked a bit and then closed her eyes. I went inside her pants. She just smiled. I reached her thighs, getting closer to her pussy. She was now moaning hard.

The Fun Part

I said: “Well, I have to go as I have another lady’s house to fix”. Her eyes opened and she said whilst holding my hand, “You’re not going anywhere Mr. Hoopers, you haven’t sorted my little problem yet.” I said, “Oh?, isn’t that your lights are turned on’…., Mrs. Jones?” She smiled big and she whispered: “..don’t get cute Mr. Hoopers, now come closer.” She pulled me up on top of her and put my hands right on her big tits. Oh man, they felt good!…whew! She started kissing like how Juliet might have kissed Romeo. Her beautiful lips, all wet and soft, and her tongue dancing in my mouth. My dick was growing right on her pussy.

Annie thought

She held my head and told me about her little “Private lady’s club: and how there were ladies. All bored and lonely housewives whose husbands married them by contract, or just were never home for several months, doing their big business away from home. The secret ‘Lady’s Club’ was them, and Annie basically was a glorified “Pimp” finding discrete young men for them. They would pay big for anyone who services them. I thought she was testing me out.

I had a lot to think about.
A $1000 to $5000 dollars per session is not bad! They were young married women in their mid-20s-30s.
Nothing much to think.
We slowly undressed right there on the couch. She had one beautiful body. I kissed her face, neck and kept going lower. She squirmed and moaned. I sucked her wonderful tits and rolled them with my fingers, she’d never had that done to her before, and she had her first nipple cum.

She was enjoying it. I knelt down, kissing all the way. She held me tight. I licked her pussy hair and my tongue found her clit. She jumped and screamed. She was almost crying with sexual pleasure. I licked her pussy, as she has never experienced it before. She became a wild woman. She moaned and pulled my hair, slammed her legs around me, pushed her pussy into me, and squirmed, shook, and moaned loud! Her whole body trembled with orgasm and wouldn’t stop. She reached her climax as I shot a super hot dick in her tight pussy.

She lay there exhausted and shaking. She moaned to me that she had never had such good sex in her whole life. This was her proper full sex.

to be continued…

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