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Dear Gentlemen!

This topic was written for you from the pen of an experienced ex-escort girl and pornstar escort, who loves to share her experiences with you. I wrote this article because I met hundreds or even thousands of men around the world because of my escort work, during my escort career and I’ve heard many many stories about fake escort girls, fake photos on websites, and all these stories. I want to give you some help, how to choose your escort girls, how can you be sure that you receive the same girls who are in those pictures, and how can you get quality service. I think this is an important issue, as many men around the world are afraid to have sex or book escorts because they do not trust the Internet anymore. The online world is full of fake profiles everywhere, on social media sites, just think about Facebook, with fake websites, and with fake escort girls as well. I strongly recommend you to read over this article here before you decide to book your escort girl.

Escort girls and fake photos

Well, gentlemen, one of the most awful things is when you book your escort girls and someone else opens the door a few hours later or arrives with the taxi. What can you do? First of all, I believe this is one of the idiot things, as many guests send away such fake girls. But men who are horny enough are going to take even ugly girls just to fuck. You have to be strong enough to send home such fake girls or go away from the address immediately. I know it’s very embarrassing but still better than doing nothing. After this, if it’s possible, report the girls or write negative reviews, which can help to avoid such situations later.

Escort girls and bad service

Another problem can be when the girl looks nice, but you start to feel bad and ashamed of her, because of her attitude. Girls with a bad attitude should not work! Sometimes I had a bad mood as well, but I was correct enough with my clients to cancel them. I would report such girls immediately. As a client, you can write to the escort agency, or call them that you are not satisfied with the girl. Maybe they send you someone else, or you just cancel the girl and the payment, it’s still better than to pay for a bad experience. It’s also good for the escort agency because it helps them to keep only the best girls. You should help other men here as well by writing a review about your bad experience.

Escort girls with incorrect behavior

The worst thing that can happen is, that the girls are totally incorrect, they don’t do what is in the price, so they try to look the clients stupid. Or they try to cheat you with the time. In this case, I would cancel the meeting immediately and would ask back the money before they leave directly from the girl or the agency. Escort girls must learn the rules, or it’s better they don’t work anymore.

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