New York Male Escort

Hired a male escort in New York

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After my divorce, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get tied down ever again. I realized that I’m not the type of girl who’s looking to have kids or to build a lovely cozy family. What I want is to become the best cardiac surgeon out there, not just the best female surgeon. But the […]

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Hiring an escort

My experience with Escorts

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I’m not sure if I will ever top my first two times with escorts as they were so good. Sacha was the best fuck I had ever had. But that was not going to put me off trying. I loved the number of different types of people that were escorts on the site I had […]

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My start as an escort

My start as an escort girl

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The drive from one of London’s top restaurants in Mayfair to the apartment in Docklands into which I had recently moved can take anywhere from an hour during the day to around fifteen minutes in the early hours of the morning. We left the restaurant at just after one in the morning and were making […]

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Treated Like a whore

Treated Like A Whore

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There was a convention in town last weekend, and Master was out of town. So, Saturday night, at about 10 PM, I showed up in the bar of an upscale hotel chain. I took a seat at the bar, where I could easily be seen, my short black skirt hiked high enough to show the […]

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